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 WOW! Rewards

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 WOW! Healthy Payback

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WOW! General Program


WOW! Healthy Payback

Is WOW! Healthy Payback participation limited to only those employees who participate in the health plan? No. All employees are eligible for WOW! Healthy Payback, whether they are full-time, part-time or per diem.

What do I receive for participating in WOW! Healthy Payback? There are three different rebates that all employees are eligible for. You may receive all three during each six month eligibility period.

  • Weight Watchers- $50 for attending 9 out of 12 weeks (online, at work or in the community)
  • Health & Wellness Activities/Classes - Up to $50 rebate

 What types of activities qualify for the Wellness Rebate? A wide variety of activities qualify for the Wellness Rebate. Here are some examples:

  • Fitness- Gym memberships, recreation sports teams, registration/entry fees to sporting events (i.e. running, bicycling, triathlons, etc.), personal training, kick boxing, martial arts, dance lessons, golf (without the golf cart), belly dancing, skiing, snowboarding
  • Nutrition- Healthy cooking classes, Community Supported Agriculture Shares (CSA). Click here for a list of Registered Dietitians.
  • Relaxation- Reiki, yoga, pilates, tai chi
  • Weight Management- TOPS, Online programs other than Weight Watchers (Participation in Weight Watchers qualifies for the Weight Watchers rebate.)
  • General Wellness- Chronic disease classes, first aid classes, CPR, care giver classes, healthy family classes. All classes through the MaineHealth Learning Resource Centers qualify.
  • Other- If there is something that you participate in that is not listed above, please email to see if it is approved

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Does the $50 Wellness Rebate have to be used for one activity? No. You may send in multiple forms for different activities until you reach the $50 maximum rebate.

How do I participate in the WOW! Rebate program?

1.  Complete the form.
2.  Submit proof.
      Fax: 661-7548
      Mail: 229 Vaughan Street, Portland, ME 04102
Don't forget to include your proof of participation for gym memberships, proof of payment for all other Wellness rebates and proof of attendance for the Weight Watchers Rebate.

What qualifies as a receipt or proof of payment? Proof of payment can be a receipt from the organization, a copy of your bank statement with account numbers crossed out or a canceled check. A copy of a check from your checkbook does not qualify. The proof of payment must include your name, the name of the activity or class, the amount of the charge and the date it was paid.

My activity is debited on a monthly basis. Do I have to send in more than 1 bank statement? That depends on the amount of your monthly debit. Please note that your rebate amount will be for the amount of proof of payment you send in, up to $50. Therefore, if you pay $10 a month, you would need to send in 5 months of bank statements/ receipts in order to receive the full $50 rebate. If you only send in 1 month, the rebate amount will be $10. Please note that this applies to activities that are not gym memberships.

Why do I need to show proof that I'm going to the gym? We encourage you to engage in healthy activities you can commit to on a regular basis, and we understand that just having a gym membership may not actually result in a regular workout schedule. Because part of our mission is to get you moving and keep you moving, we are now asking for proof that you're using your gym membership 50 times in each six-month Rebate period -- which works out to about two visits per week. If you are not able to attend 50 times in the six-month period, you can be reimbursed for the months that you attend at least eight times if you send in your proof of payment as well as your attendance. 

How do I show proof that I've gone to the gym? Ask your fitness facility to print an attendance sheet with dates you worked out during the Rebate period. If your fitness facility doesn't have the ability to track your attendance, click here for a WOW! tracking sheet for a gym employee to sign. Once you've reached your 50 visits, send the tracking sheet in along with your WOW! Wellness Rebate form.

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What do I need to send in for my Weight Watchers Rebate? The Weight Watchers Rebate form and proof of attendance (nine out of 12 weeks). For in-person meetings, the proof of attendance can either be the Weight Watchers Attendance form signed weekly by your meeting leader or a copy of your membership book showing the date stamps. For online memberships, the proof of attendance is your weight tracker (nine out of 12 weeks) that shows the dates on the bottom.

What form do I use for my CSA shares? The Wellness Rebate form.

If my Healthy Payback is deposited into my HealthEquity health savings account, does that go toward my annual maximum? Yes. If depositing to your HSA, it is your responsibility to make sure you do not go over your personal annual maximum contribution allowed by the IRS. You need to take into account all contributions including: annual employer start up contributions, WOW! Rewards, WOW! Healthy Paybacks and any deposits or contributions you decide to make directly to your account outside of the payroll process. All money deposited into your HSA counts toward your annual maximum allowed contribution.

The 2014 maximum annual contribution to an HSA based on single coverage is $3,300 or $6,500 based on two-person or family coverage. There is an additional $1,000 catch-up contribution allowed for those who are age 55 or older. The maximum amount could change if you change your level of coverage during the year.


WOW! General Program

Is WOW! participation limited to only those employees who participate in the health plan? No. WOW! has many resources, tools, programs and incentives available to all employees regardless of whether they participate in the health plan or whether they are full-time, part-time or per diem.

Here is a sampling of resources available to all: 

There are some tools/resources available only to those employees who participate in our health plan. These programs include Future Moms (a healthy pregnancy program), Care Management services and the associated WOW! Rewards incentive program to encourage participation in these specific programs.

How do I participate in WOW! Rewards and WOW! Healthy Payback? Click here for information on WOW! Rewards and click here for WOW! Healthy Payback.

I am interested in joining my WOW! Council. How do I get started? Please send an email to and we will get you connected with a WOW! representative at your organization.

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