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WOW! Health Coaching Service 

Please note: Only group health coaching sessions are available until December 31.

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Available for all MaineHealth Employees

Personalized Local Health Support
A Health Coach is your "personal trainer" outside the gym. Your Health Coach will provide confidential telephone, email or one-on-one guidance and support for your health at home and in the workplace. You can call a Health Coach for help with a chronic issue such as diabetes, breathing problems, or a heart condition, or if you simply want reliable information on general health topics. You can even call just to make sure you are on track with your diet, exercise and overall well being. Your Health Coach can identify your strengths, and empower you to succeed by focusing on behaviors that you want to - and can - change.

WOW!'s Health Coach Service can provide:

  • Customized self-management programs
  • Personalized health support
  • Free educational materials
  • Information on local resources, support groups and events
  • Coordination with care management at your primary care provider
  • Decision support when you have more than one treatment option

Ready to work with your "personal health trainer?"

Your Health Coach Contact Information:


Mary Bitterauf, BS, CHES
Learning Resource Center

  • Email her using the form below
  • Call 1-888-969-6090
  • Visit MMC's Learning Resource Center in the East Tower

Ask the health coach a question

For PenBay Employees:

Vikki Swan, BS, Community Health

Sue Low, RN