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It is well known that our nation is aging. When the first baby boomers begin to reach the age of 65 in 2011, it is projected that 1 in five people in the United States will be age 65 or older. Here in Maine, the projections are similar: In 1995, Maine had the 14th highest proportion of elderly nationwide and this is expected to increase to the 12th highest in the country by the year 2025. By 2030, Maine will have the second highest percentage of population aged 65 and older in the United States.

These statistics highlight the growing necessity for healthcare systems and resources that meet the unique needs of our senior citizens. The Division of Geriatrics at Maine Medical Center has been preparing for this: we have expanded our geriatric programs; developed new resources specifically for seniors; formed relationships with our MaineHealth colleagues and other community programs for seniors; and have created a facility that better serves the needs of our elder population. With the goal of improving the health, wellness and quality of care for the elderly people of Maine, we have built a foundation for Maine's elderly that encompasses all aspects of geriatric care, including:

So, whether it is you or a loved one, remember that growing older is an experience we all share - and it doesn't mean giving up a healthy, active lifestyle. We understand the importance of maintaining your well-being as you grow older and are dedicated to providing family-centered treatments that improve the quality of life for you and your loved ones.

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