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Department of Emergency Medicine

Clinical Resources

Ectopic Pregnancy
Provides emergency clinicians with an evidence-based clinical pathway designed as a guide for the care of women with symptoms suggestive of ectopic pregnancy.

Regional Anesthesia
Provides emergency clinicians with an online instructional resource, including video, describing clincially relevant peripheral nerve blocks.

Limited Bedside Transvaginal Ultrasound
The Transvaginal Ultrasound Teaching Module was created by Elizabeth Andrada, MD, PGY-3, to assist residents and faculty alike in learning limited bedside ultrasound in the Emergency Department.  Using interactive video as well as still shots, it covers set up, technique, common presentations by gestational age, and an atlas of abnormal findings.  Given it's accessibility, it is made to be used as a 'real time' reference while working in the ED.

Regional Anesthesia Clinical Resource 
The Regional Anesthesia Clinical Resource site was created by Doug Dillon, MD, PGY-3, for the promotion of regional anesthesia in the emergency department to alleviate pain during laceration repair and fracture/dislocation reductions.  The material on this site was presented at SAEM as IEME exhibit and is available to all clinicians as reference.  Although the material on this site is not new, this site offers a more interactive approach with text, pictures and video of how to perform each peripheral nerve block.  Providers of all levels can use this site to learn or "refresh" their memory on the relevant anatomy, procedures and possible complications.


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