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 Portland Family Medicine & Falmouth Family Medicine

Billing & Referrals

** Billing (also see Medicare billing info below) **

** We will request to photocopy your insurance card(s) for your file and may ask for a form of picture ID.

** COPAYMENTS must be collected at each time of service. Please be prepared to pay that co-pay each visit.

** SELF-PAY accounts shall exist if a patient has no insurance coverage and PAYMENT PLANS are available with approval of Maine Medical Partner's business office at 207-396-8666 or toll free at 1-866-804-2499 from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday.
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** NON-PARTICIPATING INSURANCE PLANS are accepted and will bill as a non-assigned claim.  Any outstanding balances are the responsibility of the patient.

** WORKERS' COMP patients will be financially responsible for medical services related to the accident/workers' comp.  We will need all pertinent information: date of injury, claim #, insurance company address and phone number and contact person.

** MEDICARE: We will submit to Medicare for the Medicare allowed amount.  The patient will be responsible for the deductible and coinsurance.


Medicare Billing Info:

MMC Family Medicine is an outpatient department of Maine Medical Center.  As we are part of the hospital, we are required to follow Medicare billing rules and regulations.  The government requires all office visits to be billed in two separate parts ...

1) The professional services rendered by your doctor,
2) The facility component (for use of room, nurses and equipment)

These separate bills to Medicare may result in a confusing billing statement.  This is due to the complex payment system used by Medicare to determine hospital and physician payments, as well as the calculation for a patient's Medicare out-of-pocket expense. 

If you have further questions regarding Medicare's outpatient payment system, please contact Mediare directly toll free at 1-800-633-4227.

** Referrals **

 We have trained professionals working on your referral that your physician ordered for you.  Referring offices vary on response time, therefore, when an appointment is established, we (and/or the referred office) will send a letter or call with the appointment information.

It is your responsibility to arrive at all appointments.  If you cannot make the appointment scheduled, you need to call the referred office directly to reschedule.  It is also your responsibility to ensure we have the correct/updated insurance information as this may effect the payment from the insurance company or you may be responsible for the balance out of pocket.


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Medical Bills


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