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MMC Family Medicine Center
~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

Q1:   Is it possible to request a same day appointment?

Q2:   What is Choicecare?

Q3:   How are requests for Medical Records processed? 

Q4:   Why do I have to sign a release for everything?

Q5:   What is a resident?

Q6:   What is a Fellow?

Q7:   Will I always get to see my doctor/PCP?

Q8:   How can I communicate with my doctor?

Q9:   What if I am late for my appointment?

Q10:  Where can I find more information on health topics?

Q11:  What services do you offer your patients?

Q12:  What is the Role of the Medical Student?

Q13:  ...



A1: Yes.  There are Open Access slots reserved on each provider's schedule to allow same day access for urgent patients.  
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A2:  Our extended hours of operation (also known as Choice Care) are designed to meet the needs of ill or injured patients.  We offer evening hours: Monday through Thursday (5:00pm to 7:30pm) and Saturday (9:00am to 1:00pm) at our Portland office on 272 Congress Street.  
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A3: All requests for medical records are processed through Health Information Services department at Maine Medical Center.  This excludes patients requesting a single document, such as a record of immunization, office notes, etc.  If you choose to come in to the office, an "Authorization of Release Protected Health Information" will still need to be signed.  
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A4: A Patient must sign an "Authorization to Release Protected Health Information" each time they request a copy of their medical records.  A release on behalf of family members, guardians, ir parents can be signed annually.  If you/your child is turning 18 years old, an "Authorization to Release Protected Health Information" should be signed in order to give permission to our practice to communicate with a parent or guardian about the patient's health. 

How patient information is maintained, used or disclosed, requires careful attention to the privacy you would expect and as specified by The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy Rule.  The Privacy Rule, a Federal law, gives you rights over your health information and sets rules and limits on who can look at and receive your health information.  
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A5:  A Resident is a doctor who has graduated from four years of medical school and is now training for a specific medical specialty. Their residency will last for several years.  During this time, the Resident will care for patients at our office and also at Maine Medical Center.  Residents are very knowledgeable in the latest medical technologies and theories and work closely with our doctors.  
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A6:  A Fellow isa doctor that has completed their residency and is performing additional training in one of our specialties. (Integrative Medicine, Sports Medicine, or Geriatrics). 
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A7:  We will always try to schedule you with your PCP (Primary Care Physician).  In the event your doctor is not available, you will be offered an appointment with another Family Medicine provider.                                                     (Back to Top)

A8:  If you need to reach your doctor or have questions about upcoming appointments, you can call us at (207) 874-2466 or send us a message through MyChart.  MyChart is a secure, online tool that lets you connect with your health care provider and manage your health information.  MyChart should not be used if your are having a medical emergency. 
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A9:  If you are 14 minutes late or more, the receptionist will check with the physician's team to determine if it is possible for the physician to still see you.  We make all possible efforts to accommodate, but if you cannot be seen as scheduled, we will reschedule your appointment to another day.                                                                               (Back to Top)

A10:  The MaineHealth Learning Resource Center is an excellent source to learn more about a wide variety of health topics.  The Learning Resource Center has and educational website ( and/or visit one of their locations in Scarborough or Falmouth
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A11  You can find a list of our services we currently offer our patients on our 'Forms & Information' page.  Find the tab on the left side of this site.     (Back to Top)

A12  You can find more information on the Students' role with these attachments ... The Role of the Medical Student  and Medical Student Commonly Asked Questions 
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