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Going Home

The usual length of stay is one-two days after a vaginal delivery and two-three days after a Cesarean birth. If there is a medical need, some insurance companies will allow an extra day depending on your policy. Check with your insurance company before your admission/delivery to ask what your policy covers.

On your last day, we aim to have you ready to go home 11:00AM. Please make plans for your ride home before you come to the hospital. We ask that your infant car seat is brought into the hospital as soon as you and your baby are brought to Mother Baby Unit so that your nurse can teach you how to correctly use it. Learn more about car seat safety.

Preparing you for going home is done throughout your stay. Your partner and other people that will be helping to care for you and your baby are encouraged to be a part of this ongoing education. Keep a list of questions for your nurse or doctor so you are sure all of your questions are answered before you go home.

We’ll work with you to schedule follow-up appointments with your pediatrician, a lactation consultant, or visiting nurse.

Support Once You Are Home

Visiting Nurse Home Visits: 


The State of Maine has a grant that funds home visits to all mothers and babies. If you are interested in receiving a visit, your Mother Baby nurse can send in a referral for you.



MaineFamilies provides free visits to all first time parents regardless of age or income. They are experienced educators, trained in the latest positive parenting techniques. They can help you:

  • Assess your child's growth and social, emotional and intellectual development.
  • Learn more about age-appropriate skills and activities.
  • Establish a loving relationship with your child.
  • Make your home a baby-safe environment.
  • Cope with common challenges, like teething, sleep and discipline.

If you are interested in a visit, ask your Mother Baby nurse to send a referral in for you or visit

Postpartum and Infant Check-ups:

Your doctor or midwife will talk to you about having a check-up within a few weeks after the baby’s birth. Your baby will see the doctor after discharge for a check-up and weight check.  You will be given an immunization schedule based on American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines.

Postpartum Support Groups and Classes:

Maine Medical Center offers a variety of support groups and classes to help parents thrive in their new role as parents.

Learning Resource Center:

The MaineHealth Learning Resource Center is a valuable resource for parents offering information on a variety of topics. You can even have questions answered by certified Health Educators through the “Ask a Health Educator” tool. 

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