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Integrative Medicine


Homeopathy is an alternative Western medical system that is based on the principle that "like cures like," for example, that a substance which, in large doses, produces the symptoms of an illness, will cure the illness when given in extremely small doses. In homeopathy, the more dilute the medicine or "remedy," the greater its potency. Therefore, small doses of specially prepared plant and animal extracts and minerals are used to stimulate the body's defense mechanisms and its own ability to heal.

Some people experience dramatic results using homeopathy within a short period of time. Others experience a subtle shift in their physical and emotional symptoms over a longer period of time.

The homeopathwill spend about an hour with you at your initial visit. He or she will ask you a series of questions about your medical condition as well as your past and present likes, dislikes, fears and tendencies in order to determine the best remedy for you. The homeopath will likely use a computer program to help him or her organize and prioritize your information. Based on what you tell him, he or she will prescribe a remedy, infused into a small pellet of sugar, which you will take orally. The homeopath will then follow up with you at an appropriate interval.

Please call the Falmouth Family Practice Center at 781-1500 for more information.