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Anterolateral Approach Total Hip Replacement

Joint Replacement Center - SurgeriesA minimally invasive hip replacement procedure, anterolateral approach total hip replacement, is performed through a single small incision on the anterior, or side, of the hip. This allows the orthopedic surgeon to access the diseased hip joint between the muscle groups, leaving the muscles and tendons intact. Using one of the same hip joint prosthetics used during a posterior approach total hip joint replacement, the surgeon replaces the hip joint after removing and resurfacing the diseased areas of the joint.

Because the muscles and tendons surrounding the hip joint are not cut or detached during this procedure, the prosthetic joint is more apt to remain in place during the recovery process. Patients who have had anterolateral approach total hip replacement do not have the same movement restrictions as those who have had a posterior approach total hip replacement. Anterolateral approach typically results in less pain, quicker recovery and faster return to everyday activities. Most patients undergoing this procedure are able to walk with a cane after seven to 10 days.

The Joint Replacement Center surgical team, led by our highly skilled surgeons, have performed over 1,000 anterolateral approach total hip replacement surgeries, more than any other hospital in Maine.

Pain management and use of anesthesia is important and may impact your recovery from surgery.  It is essential that you discuss options with your surgeon and the anesthesiologist.  Factors to consider include:

  • Your past experience wtih anesthesia
  • Your current health and physicial condition
  • Your reaction to medications
  • Risks involved
  • Preference of the surgical team

An integrated team approach to caring for patients at the comprehensive Joint Replacement Center leads to improved outcomes, faster recovery and high patient satisfaction.

Patient Testimonials

We invite you to hear what some of our patients have to say about their experience with anterolateral approach total hip replacement at the Joint Replacement Center.

Debi's Story

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