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Preparing for Anterolateral Hip Replacement Surgery

To prepare for your return home after surgery, most find it helpful to prepare their home in advance. Doing so helps you to feel less anxious when you enter the hospital for your surgery.

Home preparation: 

  • Remove scatter rugs, foot stools and other trip hazards 
  • Tape electrical cords 
  • Arrange home in such a way that there are safe walkways, wide enough to fit a walker 
  • Prepare food in advance; stock up on frequently used food items 
  • Place items you need within easy reach  
  • Obtain durable medical equipment as ordered such as walker 
  • Fill postoperative prescriptions for pain medications and blood thinners as ordered

To assist you with your surgery planning, click here for a helpful checklist. (pdf)

Patient Education

Shared Decision Making
“Nothing about me without me.”
Shared decision making is a collaborative process that allows patients and their providers to make health care treatment decisions together, taking into account the best scientific evidence available, as well as the patient’s values and preferences. For more information about shared decision making when considering joint replacement surgery, click here.

Preoperative Class
Educating our patients prior to surgery is a priority of our team. The Joint Replacement Center offers an informative education class for patients undergoing anterolateral hip replacement surgery. The session includes a team of presenters that may include nurses, rehabilitation therapists, and other healthcare providers. Patients and their family members are encouraged to ask questions, to help them feel comfortable as they prepare for surgery.

For more information and the preoperative class schedule, click here.

Pain Management:

The Joint Replacement Center has a highly trained anesthesia team that begins planning for pain management before you come to the hospital. Prior to anterolateral hip replacement, patients may take a course of medications to build a therapeutic level of pain management. This allows the anesthesia team to administer “lighter” general anesthesia during the procedure, which alleviates pain and helps patients feel fewer side effects from anesthesia so they can begin therapy a short time after surgery.