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Family Medicine Residency

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Our faculty has a rich diversity of interests, experience, and expertise. Most of our faculty did their residency training at Maine Medical Center and have been with the residency program for years but we also have a few newcomers.

All share an enthusiasm for teaching and value the core tenets of family medicine. Most of our attendings precept, provide patient care at their primary clinic site, and attend on the family medicine inpatient service. Several also care for pregnant women.

Please click on the names below to view the faculty.

Charles M. Belisle, M.D.
Joel L. Botler, M.D.
Mark P. Bouchard, M.D.
Peggy R. Cyr, M.D.
William Dexter, M.D., FACSM
Amy Haskins, Ph.D
John Hatzenbuehler, MD
Vicki Hayes, M.D.
Christina Holt, M.D.
Allyson Howe, M.D.
Carly McAteer, M.D.
Kathleen A. McGarr, M.D.
Paige Parsons, PharmD, BCACP
Amy Roberts, LCSW

Debra Rothenberg, M.D., PhD. 

Alison Samitt, M.D.
Julie M. Schirmer, LCSW
Craig Schneider, M.D.
Ann K. Skelton, M.D.
Ted Wissink, M.D.


22 Bramhall Street | Portland, Maine 04102-3175 | (207) 662-0111