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Integrative Medicine Residency

Scholarly Activity in Integrative Medicine

Academic Work

In addition to the examples of recent academic work coming out of this program listed below, our Fellows teach in Maine Medical Center ’s highly regarded annual integrative medicine summer elective rotation, “Finding Health in Maine.” This program attracts medical students from across the country and focuses on integrative medicine, culture and medicine, evidence based medicine as well as leadership skills for advancing the field, self-care and wellness. 

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Integrative Medicine Attitude Questionnaire (IMAQ) Research Plan

The purpose of this study is to utilize a validated and reliable questionnaire to assess attitudes of Family Practice residents and faculty toward integrative, complementary and alternative medicine (IM/CAM). Interest in this approach to medicine is increasing around the country, and has been accompanied by the development of related course work in most medical schools, and some residency programs. 1 2 3 It will be instructive to determine baseline differences in attitudes between residents and faculty at the various residency programs throughout our state and to monitor for changes in those attitudes as curricular interventions are introduced. The Maine Medical Center Family Practice Residency Program (MMCFPRP) has received an NIH/NCCAM - National Centers for Complementary and Alternative Medicine grant to explore the introduction of CAM into a family practice residency program. Our curricular innovations were introduced beginning in 2002. Measuring the impact of these interventions on resident and faculty attitudes over time may guide institutions in modifying curricula to meet their needs.

This is a descriptive study whose aim is to compare responses on the study questionnaire of Family Practice residents and faculty across the state. We will collect baseline data at all sites prior to the implementation of curricular changes at MMCFPRC. Our hypothesis is that an experiential and evidence-based curriculum will generate more positive attitudes toward IM/CAM. If our hypothesis is confirmed, further studies might investigate the impact of similar curricular change at other residency programs.

The study questionnaire has been previously administered in other medical settings. Factor analysis demonstrated that a 2 factor solution best explained the variance in responses (38.2%). Factor 1 ("openness to new ideas and paradigms") explained 26.2% of variance with loadings ranging from 0.79 to 0.3, with factor 2 ("value of both introspection and relationship to patient") contributing an additional 12% of the explained variance with loadings ranging from 0.69 to 0.42.

Our analysis of the initial data will be descriptive. The questionnaire will be scored according to instructions from the developers.4 We will use t test to assess for any differences in baseline attitudes and either t- tests orand chi-square tests to measurefor differences in demographics characteristics between the intervention and control sites and t-tests to assess differences in mean baseline attitude scores. We will use paired t-tests analysisto look atassess change in score from baseline to follow-up administration of the questionnaire at the intervention site. Our choice of which paired test to use will be based on the distribution of changes we find. Differences in changes in attitudes from baseline to follow-up in intervention and control groups will be compared using t-tests.


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