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Integrative Family Medicine Fellowship Program

Integrative Family Medicine Fellowship

This program is an innovative model combining integrative medicine training during our family medicine residency program with a PGY-4 year of clinical experiences and instruction. Graduates of this program will manifest the philosophy and practice of integrative medicine which is healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle.  It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative.  Graduates receive a certificate in integrative family medicine from the University of Arizona and Maine Medical Center.

In addition to the integrative medicine offerings for all family medicine residents, participants in this program participate in a distance learning program in integrative medicine through the University of Arizona approximately 6 hours each week and spend 1 week in Tucson during PGY-2, PGY-3 and PGY-4.  The PGY-4 year provides supervised, structured opportunities for the fellow to provide integrative medicine consultation, discuss cases in a multi-disciplinary conference, develop skills in an area of complementary and alternative medicine, and continue to provide family medicine care to a panel of patients.

Fellow Description

The position of Integrative Family Medicine Fellow of the Maine Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program functions to provide integrative family medicine services in a supportive, educational environment allowing for developing his/her knowledge, skills and attitudes in the field. He/She assumes the responsibility of providing clinical care, educational and academic services to the department and community and being a role model for other residents. The integrative family medicine fellow will have responsibilities as outlined below:


Academic Responsibility

  1. Works with the Integrative Family Medicine Fellowship Director in overseeing curriculum in complementary and integrative medicine.
  2. Participates in web-based integrative medicine curriculum and completes a minimum of 80% of modules.
  3. Participates in required residential training weeks at University of Arizona Program in Integrative Medicine.
  4. Participates in Integrative Medicine Patient Care Conferences.
  5. Develops integrative medicine treatment recommendation plans.
  6. Works with community complementary and alternative medicine providers in their offices at least 1 session per week.
  7. Teaches residents and medical students participating in complementary and integrative medicine curriculum and rotations.
  8. Develops an area of study for the year synergistic with her/his interests in Integrative Family Medicine.
  9. Participates in scholarly activity and presents to department.
  10. Presents teaching conferences under the supervision of Integrative Family Medicine Fellowship Director
  11. Maintains a professional portfolio

Administrative Responsibility

  1. Attends and participates in the annual faculty retreat.
  2. Participates in the recruiting and interview process.
  3. Acts as resource for the Integrative Family Medicine Fellowship Director and meets with him/her on a regular basis

Clinical Responsibility

  1. Maintains a practice in a Family Practice Center seeing patients at least 2 sessions per week.
  2. Maintains a practice in Integrative Medicine Consultation seeing patients at least 2 sessions per week.
  3. Maintains a practice in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine seeing patients at least 1 session per week.


  • Post Graduate Degree (M.D., D.O. or equivalent)
  • Satisfactory completion of a Family Medicine Residency Program.
  • Satisfactory completion of half the web-based integrative medicine curriculum.
  • Satisfactory participation in residential training weeks at University of Arizona Program in Integrative Medicine.
  • Demonstrates exceptional leadership, communication, and organizational skills
  • Is willing to invest the time and accept the responsibilities required by the position


  • This position reports to the Integrative Family Medicine Fellowship Director.


  • July 1 through June 30


  • Interested residents discuss with Integrative Family Medicine Fellowship Director.
  • CV and personal statement given to Integrative Family Medicine Fellowship Director if multiple residents express interest.
  • Selection by Integrative Family Medicine Fellowship Director after consulting with Program Director.



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