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MMC participates in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), and this process selects all PGY-1 residents in the institution. All applications will be handled according to the rules of the plan. We use the electronic residency application service (ERAS). All documentation must be submitted using the ERAS program. We cannot accept any forms from applicants through the mail. You will need to instruct people writing your letters of recommendation to send a copy to your Dean’s office. Applicants can also check the ERAS web site with questions about the application process.

All U.S. medical schools have workstations and applicants wishing to apply should contact their student affairs office or Dean’s office. They will provide you with information and the software for submitting your application through ERAS. International medical graduates can contact the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) for their application materials and eligibility requirements. Canadian medical students should contact the Canadian Resident Matching Service in Ontario, Canada.

The Residency Director reviews each completed applicant file and makes the decision as to who will be invited for an interview. If an interview is granted, you will receive an e-mail from the Department of Emergency Medicine stating that your application has been reviewed and requesting you call the department to arrange for an interview.

In addition to the completed application, we require a transcript of your grades, USMLE or COMLEX scores, a dean’s letter, and three letters of recommendation. After all of these materials have been received, the application will be reviewed and a decision made concerning a personal interview. We will notify you via ERAS about whether or not we are able to offer you an interview.

Interviews are scheduled from October through the end of January. Interviews are held one day per week; Monday and some Tuesdays. Interviews will not be held between December 20, 2016 and January 6, 2017. The interviews provide opportunities to discuss the program with the residency director and associate director, faculty, and residents, and to tour the hospital and Emergency Department. The interview day begins between 7:00 AM – 7:30 AM and ends in the mid-afternoon. There is usually an informal social function the evening before the interview day when applicants and current residents can meet away from the hospital.

At MMC we begin to offer interviews starting the first Monday in October.  We will continue to offer interviews until our dates are filled.  We will not offer more interviews than we have available interview slots (with the caveat that invited applicants have 2 weeks to respond to the offer of an interview).  Once all interview dates are filled we will offer a small number of applicants a place on the waiting list for when there are inevitable cancellations.  The applicant who receives an interview from the waiting list is at no disadvantage to anyone else interviewing with the program, and nearly every year one or more of our matched applicants comes-in off the waiting list.  All offers (for interviews or wait list) will be extended by the last day of October, after which we stop monitoring ERAS for new applications.  For those on the wait list, we will communicate interview openings throughout the interview season (sometimes on quite short notice).

The deadline for complete applications is November 1, 2016.

Use the Electronic Residency Application Service to apply for the MMC Emergency Medicine Residency Program.

For questions about the residency program, please contact Jana Ricker.


  • Jana Ricker
  • Residency Program Coordinator
  • Phone (207) 662-7050
  • Fax (207) 662-7054
  • Andrew Perron, M.D.
  • Residency Program Director
  • Phone (207) 662-7050
  • Fax (207) 662-7054
  • Casey MacVane, M.D.
  • Associate Program Director
  • Phone (207) 662-7050
  • Fax (207) 662-7054