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Past Conference Videos:

Pre-Hospital and Emergency Department Management
Matt Sholl, MD, MPH, FACEP & Kevin Kendall, MD, FACEP
To view video, click here

Regionalization of Cardiac Arrest Care:
Project Hypothermia in New York City
Scott Weingart, MD, Emergency Physician Intensivist
To view video, click here


Hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of infections both in the field and in hospital settings.  MaineHealth EMS & the MaineHealth Infection Prevention Program have partnered to offer this online training and certificate opportunity to EMS providers. Please watch the hand hygiene training presented by Dr. August Valenti, Hospital Epidemiologist at Maine Medical Center, and click on the link to answer a few brief questions. A certificate will be sent to the email or mailing address you provide in the survey. This has been approved by Southern Maine EMS for .5 hours of category 1 credits.

Click here to view the training

Click here to complete the survey


Paramedics will occasionally have to dilute medications to either accommodate pediatric doses or work around shortages of more dilute drugs.  The following presentations illustrate some of these techniques:

Epinephrine Dilution 
This narrative presentation teaches how to prepare a dilution of epinephrine 1:10,000 from 1:1,000. View the presentation
EMS Drug Dilution
This presentation illustrates general principles of drug dilution in the field. It can be used as a teaching tool along with a practical exercise for a class. Contact Dan Lambert for help in setting up a class. View the presentation



2013 Maine EMS Protocol Review

October 11, 2013 MaineHealth (110 Free St, Portland, Me 04101)
Conference begins at 9:00 AM and will send around 1:00 PM
This conference is free

For more details, click here

Please click here to register  


Stroke Care: An EMS Perspective

May 31st, 8:00 am - 4:15pm
Southern Maine Community College- Culinary Arts Dining Room
7 Hours of CEH Medical Education Credit

Presenters will include: Local EMS, Emergency Medicine, Neurology and Neurologic Interventionalists from the Southern Maine Area. This conference will review the care of stroke patients and follow the patients progress through the health care system. This will include a discussion of how local hospitals plan and prepare to care for stroke patients. Further topics will then include stroke care from the EMS, Emergency Medicine, Neurologist and Neurologic Interventionalists perspective. To view presentations, please click on link below:

Stroke Care - the ED Perspective

The Neurologist's Perspective

Don Sheets - Case Review

Shawn Evans - Case Review


Mass Casualty Incidences:  Drawing from Lessons Learned

Date: February 23, 2013
Location: Maine Medical Center Dana Center

Learn about management of Mass Casualty Incidents based on our regional hazard vulnerability analysis including: transportation emergencies, weather, hazardous material events, mass gatherings, among other topics. This conference will draw from public safety leaders who have managed these events or have received large scale education and training regarding these topics. This is a free course for all levels of EMTs. CEHs will be available.

To view presentations, please click on the link:
History of MCI

Hurricane Sandy

LL Bean Events

Scaborough 2012 Concert Experience

Active Shootings

Fundamentals of Triage

MCI Trailers


SMMC EMS Educational Conference

Sat Jan 26th

Ken Williams, MD. Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Brown University. Physician Medical Consultant at the RI Department of Health, EMS Division.

1]  Critical Care TransportWhen should you call a helicopter for your patient, and when is it the wrong idea?  This session will review the types of critical care transport programs, discuss their staffing, scope of practice, vehicle capabilities, and indications for their use.  Participants will also become aware of various educational and professional development resources available for those interested in critical care transport.

2]  Administration of EMS
Where do EMS Protocols come from?  Why do EMTs in other states have access to different drugs?  Why is EMS moving to new provider titles (EMT, Advanced EMT, and Paramedic)?  This session will discuss the administrative structure of the United States EMS system, explain variations between jurisdictions, and briefly describe the new EMS provider levels.

Mathew Siket, MD. Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Brown University.  SPOITRAS Acute Stroke Research Fellow 
3]  Saving Brain
Prehospital recognition, management and neuroprotective strategies in acute cerebrovascular emergencies

Managing Quality: A Local, Regional and Statewide Perspective

Please click on link to view presentation:

Goodall Hospital/MH Class

Location: Goodall Hospital
This class featured two presentations: (click to view)
 "Not your typical drugs of abuse." presented by Scott Hamilton, D.O.
"Respiratory Emergencies - Take a Breather!" presented by Scott Ellis, PA-C.

Trauma Across the Specrum 2012

May 4, 2012
MMC- Dana Center
For more information and registration, please click here


 Heart Matters

Cardiology Conference
April 28, 2012
Mid Coast Hospital

Sepsis and Medical Shock: An Emergency Care Seminar

Click on Presentation Names to View:
Detection of Sepsis - Tim Sweeney, MD
Evidence-based Medicine and Sepsis - Mike Schmitz, DO
Lactate & Sepsis - Keynote Address - Ryan Mayfield, MS, NREMT-P
Sepsis Alert: Continuing Sepsis Care From EMS Through the Emergency Department - Matt Sholl, MD


Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest: Making Sense of the 2011 Maine EMS Protocols and the 2010 AHA Guidelines

Saturday, January 28, 2012
Location: Maine Medical Center- Dana Center

MaineHealth EMS and Maine Medical Center are excited to present the next EMS Conference in our ongoing series of EMS education. January's conference will focus on the epidemiology of Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA), putting the Incident Command System into play during OHCA, an ACLS update, the rationale for Termination of Resuscitation protocols, and dialoguing with grieving families. Local experts will be on hand to answer your questions regarding these timely topics. This is a free conference, pre-registration is encouraged and CEHs will be provided.

Click on presentations to view:
IC Course Update 2012
Cardiac Arrest Conference
Termination of Resusitation

EMS Protocol Update

Saturday, October 8, 2011
Location: MaineHealth 110 Free St
** Last two hours for I/Cs only**
CEHs will be handled by Maine EMS

Trauma Conference and Case Review

Saturday, September 17, 2011
Location: Dana Center- Maine Medical Center
CEHs: Maine EMS Cat 4 - 4 hours
 Maine Medical Center, Maine Medical Partners Surgical Associates, and MaineHealth EMS present the next EMS conference in our ongoing series of EMS outreach. This case study based conference will focus on trends in trauma care including early shock recognition, hemorrhage control in the face of extremity trauma, multi-systems trauma management, traumatic airway management, and more. This is a free conference, light refreshments will be served. Pre-registration is encouraged.

Trauma Case Review Presentation #1
Trauma Case Review Presentation #2
- Julie Ontengco, NP, Chris Pare, EMT-P, Mike Schmitz, DO, Matthew Sholl, MD


EMS Operations

Saturday, April 2, 2011
Southern Maine Medical Center 2nd floor Classrooms
CEHs: 4 Hours, Category 1
 During this presentation we will discuss a number of topics that are relevant to every EMS provider. We are fortunate to have Steve Kanarian, BS, MPH, an accomplished EMS professional with over 25 years experience as a paramedic, EMS supervisor, REMA USAR Medical Specialist and EMS educator speaking regarding MCI operations. In addition, Deputy Chief Tony Attardo from the Scarborough Fire Department will be moderating a group discussion on the importance of customer service. Dr. Michael Schmitz will be discussing EMS documentation and medical oversight. Finally, Paramedic Chris Pare will be leading a discussion on medical ethics using case studies from the prehospital environment. We hope to see you there on Saturday, April 2nd!


  • Steve Kanarian, BS, MPH, LaGuardia Community College Paramedic Program Website:  MCI Operations
  • Deputy Chief Tony Attardo, Scarborough Fire Department - Customer Service
  • Michael Schmitz, DO, MS - No Transport
  • Christopher Pare, EMT-P, I/C - Ethics and the EMT

Click on Presentation Names to View:
EMS Customer Service
No Transport
Ethics and the EMT
Safety First

Managing Cardiac Arrhythmias: An EMS Perspective

Saturday, March 5, 2011
MaineHealth Conference Center
CEHs: 5 Hours, Category #4

This conference will cover tachydysrythmias and bradydysrhythmis focusing on creation of a scheme for recognition of the rhythm then treatment. While this is not an ACLS refresher class, it will include the newest AHA updates for adult arrhythmia management. The class will conclude with an interactive, case-based discussion that focuses on diagnosis and management of various cardiac arrhythmias

Presenters included:
Matthew Sholl, MD, FACEP - MMC
Chis Pare, EMT-P, I/C - MMC
Tim Pieh, MD - MaineGeneral Medical Center
Michael Schmidtz, DO, MS - SMMC

Click on Presentation Names to View:
Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology Review
Atrial Tachyarrythmias-Treatment
Ventricular Tachyarrythmias-Treatment
AHA Updates
Termination of Resuscitation


Surviving Cardiac Arrest: Regionalization, Therapeutic Hypothermia, & State-0f-the-Art Resuscitation in 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011
MaineHealth Conference Center

Keynote Address:
Regionalization of Cardiac Arrest Care:
Project Hypothermia in New York City
Scott Weingart, MD, Emergency Physician Intensivist

Click on Presentation Names to View Presentation:
Cardiac Arrest
Hands Only CPR
ME Cardiac Arrest Surviviors Program
OHCA Conference AHA Update
Science Behind CPR
TH Pharm
Therapeutic Hypothermia
Case 2 Mr Flanigans Case
Licensed to Chill
Models of Regionalized OHCA Care
Regionalization of Cardiac Arrest
STEMI Networks
TH Prognostication
EMS Providers What We Do Matters
Maine as a Ctr of Resuscitation
Neurological Resuscitation after CA
Regionalized Health Care
Surviving Cardiac Arrest
TH Research


York Hospital EMS Conference

January 27, 2011

Topics include:

  • Communicating with your Receiving Hospitals: What NOT to Say!"
  • "ACLS: What's New in 2010?"
  • "Literature Review 2010: EMS New & Improved" By Dr. John Alexander
  • "12 Lead Interpretation" - By Dr. Nick Armellino
  • "Pre-Hospital Stroke Care" - Barb Green, MS, RN, CEN
  • "Arm Chair to Balloon Time -STEMI Care in the 21st Century" - Therese Wallace, MS, RN
  • "LifeFlight of Maine: Interesting Cardiac Cases" - Heather Cady, RN, CCEMT-P

Toxicological and Environmental Emergencies:  An EMS Perspective

This free conference was Sponsored by Southern Maine Medical Center and held on December 4th, 2010 from 8:00am to 12:00 noon.  CEH credits were be provided.


  • The approach to the Poisoned Patient:  An EMS Prospective
  • Maine Antidote Stockpiling Education
  • Recognizing Illicit Drug Use

Airway Management for ALS Providers Conference

This conference was sponsored by Mid Coast Hospital was held at United Methodist Church, 320 Church RoadBrunswick, ME on October 16th, 2010 from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.  

Airway management is one of the most challenging and stressful practices in EMS.  Over the past decade, many advances have occurred in airway management including the advent of Blind Insertion Airway Devices.  Learn how to evaluate patient airways and new ways to manage an airway depending on the situation you find yourself in.

Conference Goals:

  • Survey literature surrounding airway management and the impetus for change in Maine EMS protocols
  • Review Blind Insertion Airway Devices and a new strategy for the use of these devices
  • Examine cases and discuss treatment options
  • Complete hands-on practice on tissue and mannequins
  • Gain proficiency with multiple types of equipment and tools

12 Lead Refresher for the Practicing Provider 

Hosted by Mercy Hospital at the Fore River Campus Cafeteria on Thursday, May 20th.
Presenters were:

  • John Southall, MD, Mercy Hospital 

Superbugs and Sepsis

Presentation hosted by Southern Maine Medical Center on Saturday, April 24th from 8 am to 12 noon.  Topics: Infection Control, The "Superbugs" Invade your Community, Early Sepsis Therapy: An EMS Perspective, Pre-hospital Testing of Venous Lactate.

Presenters were:

  • Michael Schmitz, DO, MS, Southern Maine Medical Center
  • Andrew Turcott, RN, BS, NREMT-P/CCEMT-P, Kennebunk Fire and Rescue

EMS Conference:  Anaphylaxis, Diabetes and Syncope. 

Was held at Mid Coast Hospital, 123 Medical Center Dr., Brunswick, on March 13th, 2010 from 8:00am to noon.

Presenters were:

  • Marlene Cormier, MD, Mid Coast Hospital
  • Marcus Riccioni, MD, Mid Coast Hospital
  • Matthew Sholl, MD, MaineHealth and Maine Medical Center

Mass Casualty Incidents and the START Triage System. 

Free class at Parkview Topsham Medical Building, 4 Horton Place, Topsham, on February 9th, 2010 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

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Case-based Psych/OD conference for EMS Providers

This free class took place at Goodall Hospital - Conferencr Room in Sanford on Saturday, January 30th, 2010.
Presenters were:

  • Kent N. Hall, MD, Medical Director, ED, Goodall Hospital
  • Dr. Lare Hubber, Emergency Department, Goodall Hospital 
    • Significant Overdoses and their Management-Case Studies
  • Dr. Don Lyon, Emergency Medicine, Goodall Hospital
    • Opiate Overdoses and Their Management

Care of the Pediatric Patient in the EMS Environment

An in depth discussion of pediatric emergencies for all prehospital providers was held at MMC's Dana Center on December 5th, 2009.
Presenters were:


Dyspnea: What you Need to Know

Held at Southern Maine Medical Center on November 31, 2009.
Presenters were:

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Toxicological and Environmental Emergencies:  An EMS Perspective

This free conference was Sponsored by Southern Maine Medical Center and held on December 4th, 2010 from 8:00am to 12:00 noon.  CEH credits were be provided. 


  • The approach to the Poisoned Patient:  An EMS Prospective
  • Maine Antidote Stockpiling Education
  • Recognizing Illicit Drug Use
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