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Center for Quality & Safety

System Initiatives

The Center for Quality & Safety is engaged in numerous system-level initiatives and projects. Through its partnerships with members of MaineHealth, these dynamic projects help the system achieve and sustain the highest quality healthcare services in the safest, most efficient and cost-effective manner. Initiatives and projects include:

System-Wide Hand Hygiene
Clean hands save lives. MaineHealth works with all MaineHealth hospitals to encourage staff to wash their hands before and after every patient encounter. As a result of this initiative, there has been a steady increase in hand washing by staff at all MaineHealth hospitals, with a goal of 100 percent participation. Recognizing hand washing as the single most important way to prevent infections, MaineHealth collaborates with all hospitals statewide to put hand- washing protocols in place.

System-Wide Patient Satisfaction Measurement
MaineHealth values the patient and family experience in all its healthcare settings. In order to better understand patient expectations and to look for opportunities to improve the experience, MaineHealth gathers and reports results of patient satisfaction surveys throughout the MaineHealth system. You may view patient satisfaction reports at Hospital Compare.

Quality and Improvement Science Education
The Center for Quality & Safety's mission includes quality education and training. TeamSTEPPS has been designated as a critical service for all MaineHealth organizations. TeamSTEPPS is an evidence-based, comprehensive teamwork training system designed to improve collaboration, communication and other teamwork skills among healthcare professionals. TeamSTEPPS is widely believed by industry experts to dramatically improve safety, spare many lives and save billions of dollars. Teamwork has been found to be one of the key initiatives that can change the culture within healthcare. Many of the tools and methodologies used in TeamSTEPPS have been taught and widely disseminated within the MaineHealth system. The Center for Quality & Safety provides master coaches to assist in the implementation of TeamSTEPPS in all MaineHealth hospitals.

Boards on Board Seminar
Through its commitment to quality and patient safety education, the MaineHealth Center for Quality & Safety offers the Boards On Board educational seminar.  This event occurs throughout the year and offers board members, performance improvement committees, senior management and system leaders an opportunity to gain a higher level of understanding and involvement in providing quality and patient safety across the system. Expert faculty provide contemporary information and approaches to guide board members and others in leading the quality and safety agenda in their organizations, while patient and family speakers share stories to deepen an awareness of transparency in healthcare.





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