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Tools and Templates

Below are tools used and described at our Collaborative Learning and Coach Development sessions, and others you should find helpful. Click on a tool to view, download, and print. (Tools are in alphabetical order by category) We've included Practice Examples created by collaborative teams and currently in use.

Tool                                         Updated           

Practice Improvement Tools

5 Whys Presentation 02/21/2013
Access and Efficiency Change Ideas - VHA Checklist
Access Glossary IHI
Action Plan Template 12/18/2012
Agenda Template 12/18/2012
At A Glance Guide to Constructive Feedback
Clinical Call Response Time Tracking Sheet 01/30/2013
Clinical Microsystems at A Glance 09/01/2009
Clinical Microsystems OP Primary Care Workbook  02/01/2005
Communication Plan Worksheet 12/18/2012
Consensus Definition and Joint Principles
Core Process Assessment 02/05/2013
Cultural Reframing Exercise
 Cycle Time Tracking Spreadsheet  10/18/2013
Cycle Time Tally Sheet 12/18/2012
Cycle Time Collection Tool 12/18/2012
Cycle Time Tracker Example 12/18/2012
Decision Making 12/18/2012
Fishbone Worksheet 12/18/2012
Global and Specific Aim Template 03/10/2013
How to Facilitate a Fishbone Session 1/09/2013
Huddle worksheet 12/18/2012
MaineHealth PCMH Consensus Definition and Joint Principles 02/01/2012
Medical Home Patient Information Template 10/18/2013
Meeting Role Cards 05/01/2012
Open Ended Questions 12/18/2012
Patient Experience Log 10/04/2013
PDSA Tracking Sheet 04/11/2013
PDSA Worksheet (Test of change)
Planning and Managing Care Worksheet - "Who does What?" 12/18/2012
Practice Team Profile (5P's) 11/27/2012
Process Mapping Tip Sheet 12/30/2010
Provider Role Activity Worksheet 06/19/2012
Quality Improvement Process Example 11/13/2012
Resource Article List 12/10/2012
Role Activity Analysis Worksheet 03/05/2013
Self-Care Plan 10/07/2013
Self-Management Principles and Tips 10/09/2013
Share The Care Handout
Spread Checklist 07/02/2013
Successful Consensus - (tip sheet)
Team Satisfaction Discussion Worksheet 04/01/2013
Telephone Tracking Tool 12/18/2012

Theme, Global and Specific Aim Examples

   Aim Statement Example- Enhanced Access and Continuity 1 05/20/2010
   Aim Statement Example- Enhanced Access and Continuity 2 05/20/2010
   Aim Statement Example - Measure and Improve Efficiency 1 05/20/2010
   Aim Statement Example - Measure and Improve Efficiency 2 05/20/2010
   Enhance Access - Time to Third Description 12/18/2013
   Enhanced Access and Continuity 1 12/18/2013
   Enhanced Access and Continuity 2 12/18/2013
   Measure and Improve Efficiency Example
   Measure and Improve Efficiency 1
   Measure and Improve Efficiency 2
Time to Third Next Available -  (Blank sheet) 12/18/2012
Time to Third Next Available - (Example) 12/18/2012
Tips for Successful Consensus
Unplanned Activity Worksheet 05/23/2013
VHA Advanced Clinic Access guide

Coaching Tools


Art Of Coaching Session Tools - (collated)        12/18/2012
Coach Role and Expectations - (within the MH/MMCPHO collaborative)  12/12/2012
Coach Self Assessment
Coach Transition Plan 10/17/2012
Powerful Coaching Questions 12/18/2012

Resource Articles:

     Bodenheimer High Performing Clinic - nejm
     Bodenheimer Transforming Primary Care  ****Article is not free online*****
     Huddles Improve Efficiency -aafp
     Specialists/Subspecialists and the Patient Centered Medical Home- CHEST
     Implementing the Patient Centered Medical Home Model - SNMHI
     The Emerging Primary Care Workforce - Academic Medicine
     Elevating the Role of Medical Assistant - Safety Net Medical Home Initiative
     Envisioning New Roles for Medical Assistants - Family Practice Management

Collaborative Practice Team Created Tools

(distributed with practice permission):

Huddle Sheet - Coastal Maine Internal Medicine
PCMH Informational Brochure- Western Maine Pediatrics
Visit Panner- MMP South Portland Pediatrics
Pre-Visit Form- Mid Coast Medical Group Topsham
Same-Day Appointment Policy - Pen Bay Family Medicine
Appointment Scheduling Guide - Pen Bay Family Medicine
Pre-Visit Reminder Letter - St. Mary's Medical Associates 


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