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What Participants Say About A Matter of Balance

After completing A Matter of Balance, Maine participants demonstrated significant improvements in their levels of falls management, falls control, exercise and social limitations with regard to concerns about falling.

Barbara Stetson shares her story about how A Matter of Balance helped her after a recent fall. "Together we learned very important facts and offerings that we can use to build happier, more carefree lives."  
Published in the current issue (September - October 2013) of Southern Maine Agency on Aging’s Senior News on page 8.

Comments from other class participants:

"A Matter of Balance was most helpful - it made me more aware of what can be done to ensure safety at home. The class provided a definite time each week to meet and discuss concerns with others. I wish we had even more exercise activities at each class. Great to share and learn!"

"I'm already noticing a difference in my physical being. I'm sure I'm a little more mobile than I had been and plan to continue these exercises. Hopefully, I'll be jumping over the moon - soon!"

"I'm picking up my feet more when I walk. I'm not trying to carry all my groceries at once into my home. I'm using a cane more when I walk on my lawn. I'm turning on more lights as I travel in my home."

"I feel better about being careful. My confidence has risen. And I am being more assertive and feel good about it, not intimidated."

"Talked to my doctor about my medication causing me to be dizzy at times. She made a change."

What is A Matter of Balance?

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Video Testimonial

Read more testimonials from participants who took the Matter of Balance class.  




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