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Resident Alumni


Our residents who choose to pursue fellowships secure positions at top programs around the US. Those seeking employment are very competitive and find jobs in their desired region of the country.

Below is a list of placement for each of our graduating residents from the past seven years. If you’d like to contact an individual, please email Ann Taylor at and she will forward your message to the specific individual.

Class of 2011

Fellowship: Cardiac Anesthesia, Mass General
Fellowship: Cardiac Anesthesia, Mass General
Fellowship: Cardiac Anesthesia, Johns Hopkins
Fellowship: Shock Trauma, Baltimore Hospital
Attending: Portland, ME

Class of 2010

Fellowship: Pediatric Anesthesia, OHSU
Fellowship: Pediatric Anesthesia, Children’s Hospital, Seattle
Fellowship: Pediatric Anesthesia, U of Colorado
Fellowship: Pediatric Anesthesia, UNC
Attending: York, ME

Class of 2009

Fellowship: Cardiac Anesthesia, Duke
Fellowship: OB Anesthesia, Medical College of Wisconsin
Attending: Billings, MT
Attending: Bangor, ME

Class of 2008

Fellowship: Pain Medicine, Dartmouth
Fellowship: Pain Medicine, Dartmouth
Attending: Steamboat Springs, CO
Attending: Portland, ME

Class of 2007

Fellowship: Pain Medicine, Dartmouth
Fellowship: Regional Anesthesia, Walter Reed Army Hospital
Fellowship: Regional Anesthesia, Bethesda, MD
Attending: Brunswick, ME
Attending: Waterville, ME

Class of 2006

Fellowship: Pediatric Anesthesia, Sick Kids, Toronto, Canada
Fellowship: Pediatric Anesthesia, Children’s, Boston
Attending: New York, NY
Attending: Albany, NY
Attending: Peoria, IL

Class of 2005

Fellowship: Cardiac Anesthesia, Mayo Clinic, Rochester
Attending: Dover, NH
Attending: Joplin, MO
Attending: Fresno, CA
Attending: Fresno, CA

Class of 2004


Fellowship: Pain Medicine, Brigham & Women’s, Boston
Attending: Farmington, ME
Attendng: US Air Force Base, Biloxi, MS


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