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Nutrition Information

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Nutrition Information
Download the nutrition
guidelines below (PDF)

Preoperative Diet
Preoperative Diet

Nutrition Guidelines for
Gastric Bypass and Lap Band

Nutrition Guidelines

Our Registered Dietitians specialize in the care of patients having weight loss surgery.  They are available to help you every step of your journey.

During the first dietitian visit, the dietitian will assess your diet history and educate you on the diets you will follow both before and after surgery.  You can expect many changes in how you eat as a result of your weight loss surgery. the dietitian will also arrange for you to have your blood drawn before your weight loss surgery.  This will help identify any vitamin or mineral deficiencies you may have before you go to surgery.  Lastly, you will take a short nutrition quiz specific to the surgery you will be having. 

Each patient must go on a special preoperative diet for two weeks before surgery.  This diet is required primarily for your surgical safety.  The liver sits over the stomach much like a ceiling.  The surgeons must move the liver out of the way before operating on the stomach.  If the liver is too large, there can be difficulties performing the surgery.  The preoperative diet can help decrease the size of the liver and helps to make your weight loss surgery safer.

We recommend that you meet with the dietitian regularly after your weight loss surgery.  During your first nutrition visit after surgery, the dietitian will review the postoperative diet stages and help you navigate through each of them.  Every patient will receive a detailed instruction book that will outline their recommended postoperative diet.

Our Registered Dietitians look forward to working with you!