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Weight & Wellness Program
12 Andover Road
Portland, ME 04102
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Phone: 207-761-5612
Toll Free: 1-866-268-9274
Fax: 207-253-6073


Psychological Aspects of Bariatric Surgery

Considering bariatric surgery is often an emotionally challenging decision for patients to make.  Most patients have struggled with their weights for many years, which is often accompanied by sadness, body image struggles, experiences of criticism, and even potential discrimination due to size.

After attending the information session, the next step for patients interested in MMC Weight & Wellness Program, is to be scheduled with a clinical social worker for an initial meeting. 

This meeting has several purposes:

  • Evaluate emotional readiness for surgery and program admission criteria

  • Discuss tools for coping with lifestyle changes both before and after surgery

  • Identify support people and support systems for before and after surgery

  • Ensure a clear understanding how emotions and behaviors change after surgery

  • Provide individualized planning for behavioral and mental health supports

  • Review program expectations and participation requirements

  • Provide information on achieving and maintaining long term success post operatively

The ultimate goal of the social work assessment process is to ensure the highest quality of emotional and mental readiness for surgery.  Research shows that emotional support, participation in support groups, regular follow up with the program, and a communicative relationship with program staff will improve long term success.  

This social work visit is not a “pass/fail” type of assessment.  Each patient is individually evaluated and guided based on their personal situation and level of need.  No two patients have the same level of stress, the same history with food, or the same emotional history.  For this reason, each patient will receive a personalized plan for progressing through the program.  It is important for patients to not compare their experience with other bariatric surgery patients since no two histories are the same.

We look forward to your visit.