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Online Resources

This site has a great review of the history of bariatric (weight loss) surgery, a calculator for Body-Mass Index (BMI), and other useful information. Also a good place to locate bariatric surgeons across the country, in case you need one while traveling or moving to a new area. The surgeon list is not a guarantee of a competent surgeon or program, but membership to this professional society is selective, based on a surgeon's experience and commitment to bariatric surgery.

This is a non-profit corporation committed to establishing criteria for evaluating bariatric surgical programs throughout the United States. It is responsible for reviewing hospital, staff, equipment and surgeon qualifications, inspecting programs, recognizing Centers of Excellence then monitoring outcome data from those programs. Its membership includes representatives from surgical practices, medical insurance companies, medical equipment producers, and patient advocate groups.

Maintained by Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. They make a lot of the equipment used during laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, but the site is informative and covers alternative operations fairly.

Aggressively for-profit site that has information about both surgical and non-surgical approaches to weight control. is a resource for contacting other bariatric patients, both pre-op and post-op. Be aware that, in addition to their product advertising income, the site charges each surgeon an $850-1000 annual fee to be listed. Our program views's financial focus as detrimental to the mission of treating morbid obesity. We dedicate a large amount of our professional and personal lives to your health care, much of it provided without charge, but we will not pay to advertise our program.

A non-medical site directed toward the general public. It has useful tips for losing/gaining weight, staying fit through exercise and eating right.

Office website for MMC Weight & Wellness Program surgeons, Drs. Renee Wolff and Roy Cobean, and their partners.