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Family Medicine Residency

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Medical Student Rotations

Our residency program offers both acting internships and outpatient ambulatory electives to fourth year medical students. There is also a specific sports medicine elective through our sports medicine department.

Acting Internship

We accept an acting intern on our inpatient family medicine service during every month of the year. Our family medicine service provides experience in care of acute adult and pediatric medical problems as well as care of (very adorable) newborn babies.

Acting interns assume responsibility for the initial evaluation and ongoing management of their patients, thus functioning at the level of a first year resident. Our acting interns carry 3 to 4 patients on average and supervision is provided by both the senior family medicine resident and the service attending.

Other educational experience during the acting internship includes:

  1. Daily morning report, during which patient cases are discussed, challenging students' and residents' clinical reasoning and management skills
  2. Daily teaching rounds run by the senior resident
  3. Optional participation in daily interdisciplinary care rounds (includes nursing, nutrition, PT/OT, social work)
  4. Weekly Tuesday Teaching didactic conferences at the Family Medicine Center or the simulation center
  5. Weekly radiology rounds
  6. One week of night float

During a students' acting internship, call is two weekend 12-hour calls throughout the month. There is no overnight call.

Click here to access the Acting Internship application.

Outpatient Ambulatory Elective

Our fourth year outpatient elective is meant to provide students with an in-depth experience in primary care at both our Portland and Falmouth clinics. We accept students every month but July.

At our family medicine centers, students see their own patients every 45 minutes, which allows time to see the patient and review the case with a preceptor. Most patients seen will be presenting with acute complaints. Patient care time is usually 7-8 half-day sessions per week.

Students may request an optional area of focus for their elective, including integrative medicine, geriatrics, sports medicine, or maternal-child health.

  1. Integrative Medicine: Our integrative medicine clinic includes experiences with mind/body medicine, manual therapies (OMT), acupuncture, and nutritional and botanical medicine.
  2. Geriatrics: Students will have opportunities to evaluate and manage geriatric patients in a variety of settings (inpatient, nursing home, independent living, clinic) and with a variety of concerns (dementia, falls, polypharmacy, chronic disease management, palliative care, end-of-life care).
  3. Sports Medicine: Students will see a variety of orthopedic concerns at our busy sports medicine clinic in Portland.
  4. Maternal-Child Health: Students will round on hospitalized newborns and children as well as participate in the care of pregnant and laboring patients. Afternoons will be spent seeing patients in clinic.

Other educational experience in the ambulatory elective includes:

  1. Weekly Tuesday Teaching didactic conferences at the Portland Family Medicine Center and the simulation center
  2. Optional attendance at morning report on our inpatient service at Maine Medical Center
  3. Optional participation in procedure clinics (colposcopy, skin procedures, IUDs, etc)
  4. Optional participation in deliveries at the hospital

During a students' ambulatory elective, there is no call.

Click here to access the Outpatient Elective application.

Sports Medicine

Our sports medicine department is exceptional and offers a 1-month elective specifically geared towards the care of patients with orthopedic complaints.
Experiences include:

  1. Participation in high school and collegiate training rooms
  2. Sports medicine clinics at family medicine and Orthopedic Associates, a large orthopedic practice
  3. Monday Morning talks, covering the core curriculum, and Thursday teaching sessions
  4. Various local events or activities depending on time of year (Maine Marathon, AHL hockey games, high school football games, etc)

For more information about this elective, please contact Mary Dooley at


Maine Medical Center | 22 Bramhall Street | Portland, Maine 04102-3175 | (207) 662-0111