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Maine Medical Center - Acupuncture

Integrative Family Medicine Program


Acupuncture is one type of treatment within the system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is based on the concept of Qi (chee) which is best translated as "vital energy" or "life force." It is believed that Qi runs through all living things in the universe and that blockage or imbalance of its flow causes illness. Qi flows in channels, referred to as meridians, to all parts of the body to nourish, support, protect and bring health and healing.  Medical acupuncture is an adaptation of Chinese acupuncture that respects traditional concepts but incorporate current knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology, as well as the principles of evidence based medicine.

Part of an acupuncture treatment includes a detailed history. You will be asked questions about your health as well as your preferences for tastes, colors, and seasons. The acupuncturist will also carefully examine your pulse, tongue, and appearance to help in the diagnosis of your balance or imbalance of Qi.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, imbalances in Qi are often treated with acupuncture. Very fine needles are inserted into a variety of points along the body's meridians. An imbalance in Qi is restored as the needles release, unblock, or rebalance the disturbed energy patterns. Many people find this procedure relaxing.

Dr Schneider and Dr Wissink are certified in Medical Acupuncture and supervise Fellows in Integrative Family Medicine.  They frequently share care of patients with community acupuncture providers including Ralph Thieme, DO,LAc, an osteopathic physician who is trained in traditional and medical acupuncture and who precepts our Integrative Family Medicine Fellows, as well as Daniel Katz, PT,LAc at Wildwood Medicine who has helped train our attending and fellow physicians.  They are also able to provide referrals to their patients who prefer to receive acupuncture with licensed acupuncturists in the community.

In our Family Medicine Centers, when acupuncture is part of the treatment plan decided between yourself and your physician, there is a $10.00 charge per session.  Acupuncture visits are often not covered by insurance plans.  You may call your insurance company to inquire about your plan or your Family Medicine staff will submit this charge to your insurance company.  If you specific plan does not cover this treatment, you will receive a bill for the amount due.


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