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Radiation Oncology

3-Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy

Three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy makes it possible to deliver a higher dose of radiation to the prostate with less damage to the surrounding normal tissue. Initially, the patient undergoes CT scan to determine the position of the prostate. Next, the data from the CT scan is fed into a treatment planning computer to precisely define and shape the radiation beam to the tumor mass. The actual treatment consists of multiple radiation beams from different directions.

Conformal therapy has the potential of being superior to conventional external beam radiotherapy in certain treatment areas. Studies have shown that both acute and late side effects are reduced by utilizing 3-dimensional treatment planning techniques. The chance for better tumor control is at the same time greatly increased. Patients have been undergoing this new therapy at Maine Medical Center for more than a year.

For more information on this new treatment technique, please contact Dr. Rodger Pryzant at (207) 396-7500.


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