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Integrative Medicine Consultation
Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine Consultation

Integrative medicine makes use of the best of conventional and alternative medicine. It weighs both approaches while seeking care that is responsive to the needs and health of individual patients. This requires the doctor and patient to work together as a team. Integrative medicine is for people who want to prevent illness and take charge of their health. It can also be useful to those who have been diagnosed with a new problem and would like to explore choices in healing. Patients with conditions that have not improved with conventional medical care alone often benefit from an integrative medicine consult, as well. 

Before your first visit you will be asked to complete an intake form designed to help you clarify your needs and help the doctor understand your situation. Your first visit will last about 90 minutes and will include a physical exam and detailed history exploring your lifestyle, values and beliefs, as well as treatment options that interest you. An integrative treatment plan will be designed specifically for you.

Craig Schneider, M.D. is fellowship trained to offer Integrative Medicine consultations. Dr. Schneider has training in meditation and guided imagery, and is certified in medical hypnosis. Along with conventional approaches, he often uses herbal medicines, nutritional strategies, and other lifestyle changes when developing his treatment plans. Dr. Schneider will help you choose the gentlest effective conventional and alternative healing options, and connect you with skilled and ethical providers with whom to work. Please call the Falmouth Family Practice Center at 781-1500 to schedule an appointment.


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