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Clinical Trials
Radiation Therapy

Clinical Trials

Radiation Oncology at Maine Medical Center actively participates in clinical research through the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG). RTOG is a multi-institutional cooperative organization, of which the principal objectives include:

  • A national cancer study research group funded by NCI headquartered in Philadelphia with almost 30 years of experience in running clinical trials;

  • Comprised of 250 of the major research institutions nationally and in Canada;

  • Currently have 40+ active studies that involve radiation therapy either alone or in conjunction with surgery and/or chemotherapeutic drugs;

  • Interested in quality of life issues and their effects on the cancer patient.

In addition to the RTOG trials we participate in cooperative group clinical trials with a radiation therapy component for children and adults.

Visit the RTOG web site.


Learn more about our cancer services.
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