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Benefits Counseling Services (BCS)


We were highly blessed to have him meet with us and coordinate.  We thought that he was a fabulous worker. What a nice guy. He has so much to offer. Take good care him.  He is worth his weight in gold.  Sincerely, the Family.

I cannot thank you folks for the help I've received.  The woman who met with me was very knowledged, very understanding and a great help.  Thanks a bunch.

The information that was provided for me regarding my SSI Benefits and returning to work and earning wages was extremely well presented and all information that was given to me was understood and able to put to good use.  I am currently working 15 hours a week.

He was so kind and helpful! Took a load off my mind and felt I could continue with work I was doing without worry.  Please thank him!

Very Good program.  Much does not apply to disabled verterans covered by Title 38 U.S.C. but otherwise excellent!

She was very clear and very helpful in explaining and discussing your services. I would like to meet with her in the future to catch up with current news and discuss some of my future goals

She was very helpful to me and corrected most errors in information I've been given in the past. As a result I'm attending basic computer training and moving ahead despite the series of sandbagging and roadblocks presented to me by other local providers. 

My CWIC was absolutely wonderful! Smart, professional, empathic, caring and did not pressure me in any way. I am graduating with my Associates Degree on May 10th. I'm so happy but also still scared, my disability is ongoing, I have a lot of fears about employers hiring a disabled person. I mean I dont think its going to be easy finding a job. 

The CWIC services have proved to be extremely valuable, and I would highly recommend them.  Thank you very much for allowing me to express my appreciation for the WIPA program, and thank you for offering such a great program.

The CWIC that has been working with me for nearly a year went out of her way to ensure I had every form or information needed. She has a natural talent for tracking and attempted several venues of explaining the impact of working with a disability. I'm very pleased with her level of professionalism and your organzation is fortunate to have her on your team.

This service is indispensable. I wish I had known about it years ago. I found it very informative. My worker was very helpful and respectful. I have recommended the service to a number of people. I cant say enough good about it.

She helped to change my life by helping me and encouraging me to apply for a PASS plan. I am now a chemistry major at USM with a goal of becoming a researcher in Biotechnology. Thank you so much.

Before I had met with the CWIC , my business was already started. She was very informative and helped relieve a lot of confusion and worry about how business would affect my benefits. This is a wonderful program, it gave me answers to questions I didn't know who to ask.

I think it's great to have good help, getting jobs and work-related incentives. I am back on my feet, thanks to help from folks like you!

I was very impressed with the courtesy and respect I got from my worker. He really went above the call of duty to help get answers to my questions and he returned my calls promptly and was very honest with me. I would recommend him to anyone.

The CWIC was very kind and pleasant.  I found the session very helpful and informatve and hope that this valuable services continues! Thank-you very much!

I found your program and the CWIC representative extremely helpful.  It made all the difference and gave me peace of mind in terms of my working.  Knowing how my benefits would be affected gave me peace of mind.

I realize I may only be able to work part time because of my daily pain restrictions but I now know I can work and draw Social Security and keep my medical.  Thanks to the CWIC.

It's a very helpful program. It makes things clear and easy for people. He even made an example paper so I could visually understand. Very nice!

My CWIC provider was extremely pleasant, helpful, and non judgmental! Without her I couldn't have gotten this far.  I hope this helps, and your services further help others.

Very happy with the information we received and very informative! Glad this type of program exists to help people with disabilities out.

She was very thorough, patient, and very very professional and helpful. In my opinion she is about as perfect for the CWIC job as any professional I've ever met.

This is a great resource for people that are on SSDI so they know the inside and out of everything.  Thanks

This person really knew her stuff, was a real professional at presenting it, an excellent listener and very approachable. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to work with someone who treated me with dignity and respect.

Very helpful explaining things. Took his time to help me understand. I would recommend this CWIC to my friends

It is nice to have written infomration that we can refer back to as "things" come up. Thank you for providing these services.


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Vocational Services

Community Employment Services Project

"She helped to change my life by helping me and encouraging me to apply for a PASS plan. I am now a chemistry major at USM with a goal of becoming a researcher in Biotechnology."



"Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to work with someone who treated me with dignity and respect."





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