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Complementary Therapies

Over the past decade, traditional health care providers have been confronted by the public's dramatic interest in and active use of alternative or complementary therapies. These therapies cover a broad range of healing philosophies and approaches to health and illness. They can be defined as treatments and healthcare practices not taught widely in medical schools, not generally used in hospitals, and not usually reimbursed by medical insurance companies.

Therapies are used alone (often referred to as alternative), in combination with other alternative therapies, or, in addition to conventional therapies (sometimes referred to as complementary). Some therapies are consistent with physiological principles of Western medicine, while others constitute healing systems with a different origin. Some therapies are outside commonly accepted Western medical theory and practice, and others are becoming established in mainstream medicine.

Massage Therapy

  • A nurse massage therapist is available to patients in the MMC pain clinic.
  • Three nurse massage therapists are available to MMC inpatients. Patients must pay at the time of the service. With a physician's order, patients can submit the charges to their insurance company for reimbursement. More information on this service is available on the interactive TV systems, and in the patient handbook.
  • Massage gift certificates are available in the Coffee Shop.

Mind/Body Control Modality

  • Relaxation instructions and music videos are available to every patient on the new interactive TV system. Patients may tune in to the Relaxation Channel any time of the day or night.
  • Free pre-op relaxation classes, Preparing Your Mind for Surgery, are offered every Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. to every pre-op and pre-procedure patient in the MMC system. This program teaches breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, imagery, use of affirmations, positive thinking, and the use of relaxation music before, during, and after surgery.

Reiki Program

  • A Japanese technique to reduce stress and increase relaxation, Reiki is a gentle laying on of hands or holding the hands just above the body, which allows energy to flow through the hands of the Reiki practitioner into the body of the receiver.
  • Our Reiki practitioners are trained, certified and caring volunteers who will come to your room to provide your session.
  • You, a healthcare provider or a family member may call the Reiki line at 662-4473 to request a Reiki session.

View the Reiki Program brochure (.pdf)

Therapeutic Touch

  • MMC's Registered Nurses who have been trained in the use of therapeutic touch provide this service.
  • This is a free service available upon request. For more information on the Complementary Therapies available at Maine Medical Center, please call Pat Todorich at (207) 662-2425.

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