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Maine Medical Center Cancer Institute (MMCCI) - Survival Rates 

Survival Rates
The ultimate testament to the quality of cancer care is survivorship. Through collaboration between the Commission on Cancer (CoC) and The American Cancer Society (ACS), MMCCI is able to generate survival reports filtered by primary site of the cancer and diagnosis period, comparing our organization to other hospitals in the northeast and the nation. The data is compiled through MMC's certified tumor registrars (without compromising patient privacy) and shared with the CoC and ACS to allow researchers, physicians and public health professionals track trends in cancer incidence and treatment to improve care.

Survival rate is defined as the percentage of people in a group who are alive at a given time. Five-year survival rate is the percentage of people who are living five years after they were diagnosed with a disease, like cancer. In the clinical outcomes charts, the percentage of people living one, two, three, four and five years after diagnosis is displayed. These survival rates reflect death from any cause and it's possible that some patients may have died from causes unrelated to their cancer.

On each of the charts, MMC patients are represented by the solid lines and patients receiving care at other Commission on Cancer accredited programs are represented by the dashed lines. The number of patients still living at a given time is represented by the percentages found on the left-hand side of the chart. Moving from left to right across the chart reveals the percentage of patients still living at one, two, three, four and five years after diagnosis.

As the data indicates, MMCCI's survival rates compare favorably with external benchmarks.

Source: National Cancer Data Base. Please refer to for more information regarding this data.

Survival rates below are based on diagnoses in 2003-2006, released in 2014 by National Cancer Data Base/Commission on Cancer.

MMC v. U.S.
Stage I, II, III

MMC v. U.S.
Stage I, II, III

MMC v. U.S.
Stage I, II, III

MMC v. U.S.
Stage II, III

MMC v. U.S.
Stage 0, I, II

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