Maine Medical Center
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>   Ardyce Peters
Director, Transplant Services
(207) 662-7181
Clinical Coordinators

Mary Biggar, R.N., BSN, CCTC
Pre-transplant Coordinator
(207) 662-7186

Matthew Pare, R.N., BSN
Pre-transplant Coordinator
(207) 662-7193




Deborah Hoch, DNP, CCRN, ACNP-BC
Nurse Practitioner, Kidney Transplant
(207) 662-6191

Roxanne Taylor, R.N., MSN, CCTC, CPTC
Living Donor Coordinator
(207) 662-7185

Outpatient Clinic

Cheryl Merrill, R.N.
Post-transplant Coordinator





Kimberly Provencher
Financial Counselor
(207) 662-6504

Marizela Savic, PharmD
Transplant Pharmacist
(207) 662-7180


Social Work

Nancy Lord, LCSW
Transplant Social Worker
(207) 662-7187 

Michele Creech, R.D., L.D.
Clinical Transplant Dietician
(207) 662-7180 
Pager: 662-4800 beeper 0895