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Maine Transplant Program

Living Kidney Donation - Welcome!

Thank you for making the life-saving decision to donate a kidney to someone in need of a transplant. Being healthy and your willingness to donate are the two most important factors needed to accomplish your goal.

Our mission at the Living Donor Program here at the Maine Transplant Program is to facilitate your wishes to help someone in need of dialysis.

We have streamlined our living donor evaluation process and now we can tell you if you qualify to be a donor in only 4-6 weeks.

A few things to consider:

How safe is to donate a kidney? 

Living donation has an excellent safety record. The first living donor surgery was done in Boston in December of 1954. The surgical techniques have evolved over almost 60 years and now donation is possible through small abdominal incisions. Currently, over five thousand people each year donate a kidney with minimal complications.

You don’t need to be a blood type match to donate.

Since 2012, our center has successfully participated with other transplant hospitals in donor exchange programs. This new alternative has resulted in a significant number of new transplants that otherwise could not have been possible. Again the most important factors in kidney donation are good health and willingness to donate.

You don’t need to have an specific person in mind to donate.

The majority  of patients in need of a kidney transplant don't have a  potential living donor. You can make a difference for one of these less fortunate patients with your generous gift. We have a confidential process that will help you in your decision.

Thank you again for your generosity and looking forward to helping you reach your goal.

Juan Palma, MD
Director, Living Kidney Donation


Juan Palma, MD
Director of Living Donation