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Looking for a Living Donor  

We know it may be difficult to ask family and friends if they are interested in donating a kidney to you. Here are some suggestions to help you with your search:

  • If anyone offers to give a kidney, thank them and tell them how to contact the transplant program.
  • Bring family or friends to your transplant evaluation and re-evaluation appointments.
  • Recruit an advocate who can talk to people for you about donating a kidney.
  • Tell your family and friends the truth about  your health problems and expected survival without a transplant.
  • Spread the word at work (perhaps through Human Resources) and your church.
  • If someone is uncertain about kidney donation, let us know and we can put them in contact with someone who has already donated.
  • Give out the Donor Request Card.
  • Let us decide if someone is healthy enough to be a donor.
  • Do not rule someone out if they have the wrong blood type. We can sometimes arrange a living donor kidney swap.
  • Keep your options open. Someone may offer to donate when you least expect it.