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OB/GYN Residency

Resident Code of Ethics

Residents are committed to consistent regard for the highest standards of professionalism and wrote their own "Resident Code of Ethics".  This code is renewed and reaffirmed biannually by the residency group.


  • We will strive to act in the best interest of our patients. 
  • We are committed to keeping our patients' and colleagues' well-being foremost in our thoughts and actions.

Ethical Behavior

  • We will strive to uphold the highest standards in all professional relationships.
  • We will attempt to keep our patients' best interests in mind regardless of our personal biases and beliefs.
  • We will use our best judgment to keep separate our personal relationships and professional obligations.
  • We will strive to recognize and avoid conflicts of interest, including inappropriate financial incentives.
  • We will not allow these conflicts to influence our clinical or professional judgment, and we will seek a remedy if we are unable to remain objective.
  • We will make every effort to maintain complete, accurate and timely documentation.

Social Responsibility

  • We will provide equal care for all patients, regardless of sexual orientation, physical appearance, ethnicity, race, religion, language, gender, ability to pay, or personal life choices and experiences. 
  • We will make a concerted effort to balance the needs of the individual patient with those of the healthcare system.
  • We will hold ourselves accountable for the consequences of our actions and actively seek opportunities to improve the quality of care we provide.


  • We will maintain our compassion and empathy and treat others as we wish to be treated.
  • We will strive to achieve balance between our personal and professional lives.
  • We will be honest with our patients and colleagues, encouraging communication and team work.
  • We will acknowledge and respect the contributions of the whole healthcare team, including families, nurses, consultants, and ancillary staff.
  • We will endeavor to respond quickly, attentively, and enthusiastically to opportunities to provide consultations for other services.
  • We will respect the time that our patients, colleagues, and teachers have for us.


  • We will make efforts to recognize our boundaries and limitations. 
  • We will admit to our mistakes and strive to learn from them, and we will encourage each other to overcome our limitations and to accept responsibility for our actions. 
  • We will try to recognize when to ask for help. 
  • We will accept assistance and feedback gracefully.

Commitment to Excellence/Scholarship

  • We are committed to life long learning and development of new skills. 
  • We will provide teaching resources and supervision to students, patients, and other team members, including each other. 
  • We will contribute to the ongoing improvement of the residency program by providing thoughtful, constructive evaluation and feedback.  As we improve, we will continue to set higher standards and expectations and encourage one another to achieve them. 
  • We will seek opportunities to contribute to the advancement of women's healthcare.

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