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Don's Story

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When Don Cohen suffered a stroke, time was of the essence. Fortunately, doctors at the Neuroscience Institute at Maine Medical Center were there. Using a minimally invasive approach to remove the clot ensured Don was able to return to a normal, active life.
Angela's Story
Angela Smith, a neurologyand neurosurgery patient, shares her story about her experience with Maine Medical Center's Neuroscience Institute.
Peter's Story
Peter came to Maine Medical Center's Emergency Department with an uncharacteristically painful headache and soon discovered he was having a brain aneurysm. Hear how advanced neurological treatment saved Peter's life.

Here's more comments about what patient's are saying about us.....

  •  "I want to say 'thank you' to all the angels in 608, you are very special people."
    "You do not hear bells here because all the angels were already awarded their wings."  

  • "It was quite a shock to hear "brain tumor" but you were very reassuring that it was a fairly routine procedure, but careful to prepare us for the chance that something could go wrong". My physicians "assured me that you (and your partners) are the best around. My mother-in-law has been a RN in Augusta for thirty years and she said your team is amazing. It's nice to know that such a great team of doctors is right here in southern Maine."

  • "Hello to All,
     This past weekend I went on a four hour hike with my brother Jon, his wife Kate, and my wife Marylena. It was fantastic day during peak foliage season and the sights from the top of Frankenstein Cliff were amazing. The day was slightly overcast but the changing leaves illuminated the landscape. It was Jon's32nd birthday and I'm sad to say I didn't get him a present. During the hike, I was pretty quiet which is not usually the case. There was a reason for my silence that has a lot to do with Maine Medical Center.

     This January my brother, Jon, broke his neck while snowboarding at Attitash Mountain. On the mountain he was strapped to a backboard and shuttled to the local hospital where it was discovered he shattered his fifth vertebrae. He was driven by ambulance to Maine Med for what was to be a five hour surgery to repair his broken neck. My wife and I were called and promptly made the fastest drive from Rhode Island to Maine. Upon arrival at Maine Med there were many familiar faces in the waiting room, but I can't say that any one made me feel any better. The thought of Jon being paralyzed, which was a possibility we were told, was unimaginable. He is an avid surfer, snowboarder and active guy. To be confined to a wheel chair, or worse, was unimaginable. So we all sat together and tried hard to think positive thoughts. I had not met Dr. Jeffrey Florman until he came into the waiting room after the surgery. He described the procedure, how well it went, and held up a before and after surgery X-Ray to explain the process. Dr. Florman was so reassuring to me for a specific reason. I am an artist and there is certain feeling I get when I stand back from something I just created that sings. When a piece sings, it is the rare instance when exactly what you planned went the way it was supposed to. I saw this moment of Zen when Dr. Florman explained how the surgery went. There was a point when he sat back from the group while looking at the X-ray. Without an explanation, but a smile at what he had created; I felt relief. I knew that the best person performed his best efforts to help my brother.

    The following weeks were more of the same. Jon's recovery was miraculous and the staff at Maine Med was outstanding and astounded. From the EMTs, to the nurses, and attending doctors, I was amazed at the treatment Jon received. The kindness and concern of the Maine Med team were always a constant......

    So during the hike with Jon, his wife Kate, and my wife Marylena, I tried my best to think of what to give my brother for his 32nd birthday. The reason I was so quiet on our hike was because I was being thankful for the day. If not for the care he received from Maine Med, that day might have been far different. My problem is that none of his family or friends can give Jon a gift that compares to what Maine Med gave him..... "        ~N. Sevigney