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Mental Health Care

Many neurological conditions have an impact on a patient's mental as well asNeuroscience Institute - Mental Health Care physical health, compromising their quality of life. This is why mental health resources are part of the Neuroscience Institute's multidisciplinary approach to care, with psychiatric consultations and referrals to appropriate clinicians or programs provided as needed. Supportive psychosocial resources for caregivers affected by a loved one's condition also are available.

MMC's experience with neurobehavioral disorders is recognized throughout the state of Maine, and we treat individuals with conditions ranging from traumatic brain injury to cerebral amyloid angiopathy, Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker syndrome, encephalitides, Pick complex and lenticulostriate disorders such as Wilson's disease. We embrace a biopsychosocial model of care with focal treatment planning and active involvement of families and caregivers. The unit's performance in the areas of safety, quality and satisfaction are consistent with or superior to national benchmarks for psychiatry units. To learn more about MMC array of mental health services and providers, please visit MMC's Department of Psychiatry.