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Epilepsy Program

Epilepsy is a neurologic condition characterized by recurrent unprovoked seizures. It affects 1-2% of the general population. Each year, MMP Neurology's epileptologists treat over 500  patients with epilepsy or suspected epilepsy.  Usually, patients' seizures can be successfully treated with anticonvulsant medications. However, approximately one third of those newly diagnosed with epilepsy continue to experience seizures despite anticonvulsant therapy. Such patients require a specialized epilepsy center which can provide a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services.

MMC Neuroscience Institute and Maine Medical Partners (MMP) - Neurology have collaborated to develop a Level 3 Epilepsy Center using the National Association of Epilepsy Center guidelines. This is the first of its kind in Maine. Our Level 3 Comprehensive Epilepsy Program provides medical, neuropsychological and psychosocial services for patients in a comfortable and local environment.  Our inpatient services are centered on the epilepsy monitoring unit (or EMU) which can provide objective information with continuous audio-visual EEG monitoring under medical supervision.   The EMU serves both pediatric and adult patients.  Information from an EMU admission can confirm the diagnosis of epilepsy, and further characterize epileptic seizures to refine treatment plans.  In addition to the EMU we work collaboratively with specialists in a variety areas to provide comprehensive treatment of individuals with epilepsy.  Our psychiatric consultation team assesses and treats emotional disorders associated with chronic epilepsy and evaluates those with psychogenic, nonepileptic seizures. We have state of the art neuroimaging with neuroradiologist support.  We are able to evaluate cerebral dysfunction and to aid in vocational or rehabilitative services through neuropsychological testing.  Medical social workers are available to address psychosocial stressors related to chronic epilepsy and can help to coordinate additional ancillary services if needed.  Rehabilitative services, including occupational and physical therapy, help with basic evaluation and treatment of multiply handicapped individuals. 

The Comprehensive Epilepsy Program at Maine Medical Center is here to help patients in Maine with epilepsy receive the appropriate and coordinated care they need and deserve.