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Movement Disorders Program, Maine Medical Center Neuroscience Institute

Quick Facts

Parkinson’s disease:

  • The second most common neurodegenerative disorder
  • Affects greater than 1% of people over age 60
  • Affects about 500,000 Americans, and several thousand people in Maine.
  • Each year, another 180 people in Maine will be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease
  • About one-fifth of people with Parkinson’s disease can benefit from surgery

Essential tremor:

  • Affects more than 10 million Americans
  • Affects about 4,000 people in Maine
  • Each year, another 300 people in Maine will be diagnosed with essential tremor
  • Deep Brain Stimulation will eliminate or reduce the tremor in approximately twothirds of people with essential tremor.


  • Affects as many as 250,000 Americans
  • Dystonia probably affects about 500 people in Maine.
  • Deep Brain Stimulation may help to control symptoms for people who are unresponsive to medication.

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