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Nursing at MMC

Clinical Nurse Advancement Council

To formally recognize and reward increasing levels of clinical expertise and commitment to patient care. Members of the Clinical Nursing Advancement Council will review staff applications monthly, as needed, and make decisions on advancement of peers.  Committee members will also ensure the integrity of the Program and make changes to the program as appropriate.

Deborah Alyward
Cynthia Kilbride-Johnson


Terri Babb

Sandra Kenney

Laura Begley

Janice Kroot

Cheryl Bougie

Gail Labbe

Jane Cleaves

Nancy L'Heureux

Jeanie Coyne

Amy Owens

Jo Ann Daigneault

Helen Pride

Beth Earle

Rebecca Quirk

Margaret Estee

Marie Rivet

Christine Fournier

Elizabeth Stuart

Jennifer Goddard

Maggie Torchio

Terry Grover

Debra Wilson

Jami Hill-Graffam

 Dot Zieba

Bonnie Jones Advisors:  Tom Ellis & Holly Balliweg


  • Develop policies for implementation of the Clinical Nursing Advancement Program.
  • Develop, review and revise criteria for levels of practice for the Clinical Nursing Advancement Program as needed.
  • Develop and evaluate the application process for clinical nurses seeking advancement.
  • Review portfolios and make decisions regarding advancement of the candidate according to the defined criteria and guidelines.
  • Serve as a member of a sub-group of the Council, called a Review Board, to interview a candidate, discuss their qualifications and achievements, and recommend further professional development activities to the candidate.
  • As requested by the co-chairs, fill out the evaluation worksheet, contact the applicant and give feedback from the Clinical Nursing Advancement Council.
  • Market and provide education about the Clinical Nurse Advancement Program throughout Nursing and MMC.
  • Develop, recommend and implement communication systems that ensure the integration of the Clinical Nursing Advancement Program with the nursing professional practice model at Maine Medical Center.
  • Successful advancement to date of 171 nurses.

Nursing Executive Council
Nursing Clinical Quality Council
Clinical Ethics Committee
Nursing Magnet, Marketing and Communications Council
Nursing Practice Council
Nursing Research Council  


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