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Nursing at MMC

Magnet, Marketing and Communications Council

Support the organization in sustaining a Magnet culture and enhance the shared governance model that enables the professioal nursing staff to provide high quality patient and family centered care. 

Gail Beals
Christine Lord


Cheryl Ainsworth

Nancy Knudsen-Plourde

Betsy Ballard

Julie Lake

Jennie Beaulieu

Sally Langerak

Denise Bruggeman

Donna Libby

Karol Call

Nicole Manchester

Janice Charek

Alison Marcoux

Brenda Clark

Claudette Mimeault

Sandy Colello

Jess Morgan

Kristen Cooper

Sonja Orff-Ney

Cynthia Dreher

Cathy Palleschi

Mary Ekholm

Carole Parisien

Lori Furey

Sheila Parker

Linda Gardner

Carrie Porcelli

Diane Green

Darlene Rouleau

Julia Herrid  Alan St. Pierre
Cathy Hibbard  Bobbi Shirley
Cathy Hickson  Susan Skowronski
Margaret Hiler  Jessica Stevenson
Anna Holliday  Nina Swan
 Nicole Hubbard  Danielle Tabor
 Martha Johnston  Brenda Tanguay
 Patti Jordan  Priscilla Kennie
 Susan Jurgilas  
 Michelle Kasney  


  • Advance the Magnet culture:
    • Engage & develop staff
    • Mentor Magnet Champions
    • Educate & support staff through Magnet redesignation process
    • Mentor facilities/organizations on the Magnet journey
    • Represent Maine Medical Center at the annual international Magnet Conference
  • Enhance the image of nursing:
    • Community Outreach
    • Sponsor recognition of nurses through:
      • National Nurses' Week celebration
      • Nursing Excellence Awards celebration
      • Nursing Councils Fair
      • National Certification Day
  • Foster effective communication with all MMC staff, leadership and the community through various media:
    • Open forums with CNO
    • Nursing at the Center newsletter
    • Monthly Nursing Council Briefs
    • Nursing websites (internal & external)


Nursing Executive Council
Clinical Nursing Advancement Council  
Quality Council
Clinical Ethics Committee
Practice Council
Research Council  


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