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Nursing at MMC

Practice Council

Develop and approve policies, procedures, and standards of care that reflect evidence-based practice, regulatory standards, federal and state law.  This Council also supports and guides staff who are seeking implementation of innovations which enhance quality of care and the ongoing growth of professional nursing practice.

Jacqueline Bourque
Lori Heseltine


Rhonda Babine

 Jen LaFlamme

Cindy Belanger

Julie Lamson

Amanda Bennett

 Brandy Lovering

Linda Brady

Tracie Lowe

Bridget Burke

Janet Maguire

Kim Carnevale

Ann Marie Martin

Jane Cleaves

Deb McPherson

Pamela Collins

Madeleine Nelson

Cheryl Coyne

Janet Oliver-Palanca

Jackie Giblert

Shannon Reid

Jenny Gilmore

Cindy Smith

Mary Griffin

Sarah Sturges

Janice Hallett

Laurie Tardif

Lois Hayworth

Deborah Thibault

Valerie Hodgdon

Jean Tourangeau

Cynthia Honess Angelo Verdelli
Judy Howes Elaine Zappala
Jana Jacobs  

Patti Jordan


Susan Curtis Carole Parisien
Kate Dempski Gwen Rogers

 Dennis Nasto

Lori Swasey


  • Institute clinical innovations related to patient care.
  • Act as a resource for nursing practice standards.
  • Update policies and standards of care every 3 years.
  • Maintain an efficient system for approval and distribution of policies and standards of care.

  • Establish a process to coordinate and communicate practices/policies in development.
  • Communicate practice/policy changes for timely implementation.
  • Guide nursing and other disciplines in the process for policy development.
  • Establish evidence-based nursing practice with a focus on patient safety.
  • Collaborate with Nursing Research Council to ensure procedures are evidence-based.
  • Collaborate with Nursing Quality Council to monitor the implementation of practice/policy.
  • Utilize IS technology to enhance easy access and retrieval of polcies.


Nursing Executive Council
Clinical Nursing Advancement Council  
Quality Council
Clinical Ethics Committee
Nursing Magnet, Marketing and Communications Council
Research Council  


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