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Nursing at MMC

Nursing Quality Council

To identify and monitor the quality of nursing care in order to achieve optimal patient outcomes while maintaining patient satisfaction and keeping costs to a minimum. The Nursing Quality Council will be responsible for submitting data collected by patient care units to the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) related to patient falls, pressure ulcers, nursing satisfaction, patient satisfaction, and other nurse sensitive indicators.

Andrea Varnum
Nina Swan


Deborah Bachand

Cathy Langella-White

Amanda Barbee

Teresa Leeman

Laura Barra

Kelly Madore

Mary Bauer

Darlene Mantis

Jessica Bosch

Margarite Palumbo

Denise Boshea

Carole Parisien

Linda Brady

Gerry Pompeo

Denise Bruggeman

Therese Qualey

Donna Burnell

Wanda Reutt

Carrie Chamberlain

Debra Sawtelle

Mary Charest

Eileen Shanahan

Theresa Coulston

Angela Smith

Ashley Dasch

Alan St. Pierre

Alleen Eastwood

Dianne Stephenson

Renee Fortin-Shoemaker

Brenda Tanguay

Terilee Gerry

Jean Tourangeau

Jenny Gilmore

Lorraine Vedral

Betty Grant

Angie Vereshko

Anne Marie Gray

Paula Viarello

Lori Heseltine

Lorna Wales

Margaret Hiler Lauri Wilson
Barbara Kilroy  


  • Identify nurse sensitive indicators and integrate data for a Balanced Scorecard
  • Develop data collection systems and provide education at the unit/department level.
  • Coordinate quality improvement efforts of nurses practicing in different clinical specialties.
  • Review data, identify areas for improvement and share best practices from inviidual units.
  • Provide support and guidance for continuous quality improvement to department/unit.
  • Support/attain Magnet status through NDNQI data for Balanced Scorecard.
  • Collaborate with the Nursing Reserach Council to develop an evidence-based practice model for delivering quality care, which is founded on scientific evidence.
  • Report data to Patient Care Units, the MMC Performance Improvement Committee, and the Board of Trustees.

Nursing Executive Council
Clinical Nursing Advancement Council  
Clinical Ethics Committee
Nursing Magnet, Marketing and Communications Council
Nursing Practice Council
Nursing Research Council  


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