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Nursing at MMC

Research Council

Create an institutional culture of nursing scholarship by promoting evidence-based practice within interdisciplinary partnerships and collaboration throughout MMC and our community.  This is accomplished by dissemination of knowledge of  the nursing research process; promoting, supporting and mentoring nurses in research, research utilization and evidence-based practice; raising institutional and community understanding of the work of the NRC; and encouraging renewal of the professional spirit through curiosity, reflective thinking, and passionate practice.

Deborah Gregoire
Trudy Kent

Rhonda Babine
Richard Boisselle
Caitlin Caldwell
Jessica Charette
Sandra Fornier
Lori Furey
Paulette Gallant
Terilee Gerry
Nancy Hill
Cynthia Honess
Kristiina Hyrkas
Linda Josti
Kelly Lancaster
Karen Levesque-Porter
Dina McElvy
CJ Morse
Jeanne Parker
Darlene Rouleau
Elizabeth Sterling 


  • To develop and conduct educational programs that support nursing research activities at Maine Medical Center.
  • To edcuate a core group of direct care nurses to function as resources for evidence-based nursing practice.
  • To establish and support a professional climate that values and advocates for evidence-based nursing practice.
  • To support staff and others who have expressed interest ni research, research utilization, the research process or evidence-based practice.
  • To rpomote and support ethical scientific inquiry into practice problems and questions.
  • To mentor members of other Nursing Department Councils in developing a process to evaluate and apply new evidence-based knowledge, protocols, and innovations in practice.
  • To establish links with staff of other disciplines for the purpose of collaborative, interdisciplinary research development.
  • To promote and assist in the dissemination of nursing research outcomes within Maine Medical Center and at local, regional, national and international conferences.


Nursing Executive Council
Clinical Nursing Advancement Council  
Quality Council
Clinical Ethics Committee
Nursing Magnet, Marketing and Communications Council
Practice Council


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