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Nursing at MMC

Vision, Mission and Philosophy

MMC Nursing Vision
MMC Nursing Mission
MMC Nursing Philosophy

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 Our Vision

Nursing at Maine Medical Center is the spirit and practice of caring for patients, families, and the community through leadership, knowledge, and compassion.

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 Our Mission

• We create environments of care, which support patient and family needs and optimal patient outcomes.

• We provide equitable and culturally competent care to all patients and their families.

• We strive for excellence in health and healing for the body, mind, and spirit.

• We respect, support, and collaborate with one another and with other health care team members. 

• We recognize we are part of a complex and evolving health care system and respond with flexibility and openness to new ideas and techniques.

• We engage in and promote ongoing professional education and advancement for ourselves and our colleagues.

• We play a critical role in coaching, mentoring, and retaining professional nurses in our practice setting.

• We are dedicated to providing progressive care through Evidence-Based Practice. 

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Our Philosophy  

We believe that nursing is both an art and a science incorporating multiple realms of care, including the physical, developmental, emotional, social, psychological, cultural, and spiritual. Nursing exemplifies the highest degrees of accountability, integrity, and honesty in all relationships with patients, families, colleagues, and the community. The nurse is a patient advocate committed to upholding The American Nurses Association’s Code of Ethics for Nurses and other professional and regulatory standards of nursing practice and patient care.

As professionals, we practice in partnership with the patient, family, physician, and other healthcare providers to deliver quality patient care across the continuum. Our goal is to realize and surpass excellence in nursing practice and patient care. Integral to this goal is the provision of education for patients, families, and ourselves to facilitate the very best in healthcare decision-making and healing. 

As leaders, we support and applaud competency, creativity, teamwork, and compassionate care for a diverse patient population and community of caregivers. We recognize our fiscal responsibility and act to promote Maine Medical Center’s mission, vision, and viability as a premier health care organization.

Nursing and interdisciplinary research as well as performance improvement efforts form the basis of our clinical practice. Through Evidence-Based Practice and outcomes evaluation, we promote critical thinking and the expansion of nursing knowledge and expertise. In order to achieve excellence in practice, we commit to personal and professional development in a dynamic learning environment. 

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