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Osteopathic Manual Medicine

Osteopaths believe that a patient's history of illnesses and physical traumas are written into the body's structure. Through their highly developed sense of touch, osteopaths feel the patient's "living anatomy" (i.e. flow of fluids, motion of tissues and structural make-up). The osteopath's job is to "set" the body up to heal itself by correcting body mechanics. To restore this normal function, the osteopath gently applies forces precisely to promote movement of the bodily fluids and improve the motion of the tissues, bones and joints.

After a thorough evaluation, the areas being treated will be gently repositioned into proper alignment to assist your body's ability to regain normal function. Treatment is aimed at the structural problems present, not the disease entity. By removing any obstructions to health, osteopathic physicians are able to treat illness and trauma. Many patients report a feeling of relaxation or tingling during an osteopathic treatment.

Please call the Falmouth Family Practice Center at (207) 781-1500 to schedule an appointment.