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Community Groups & Special Events

The Child Life Program is dedicated to making the hospital experience a positive one for children and families. It is through groups like yours that help promote this goal and make the hospital stay enjoyable. Entertainment is usually provided in our atrium or the Child Life Center, depending on the time of the activity and the nature of your visit.

Please review the guidelines below before submitting your application. All applications will be screened for appropriateness of activity, size, ages of group, and scheduling availability. Once your application is received, you will be contacted to discuss the possibility of a visit. We cannot predict how many and the ages of children that will participate in your event far ahead of time. If you need a count, please call the Child Life Program the day before. For further questions, please contact the Child Life Coordinator at (207) 662-2424.

Guidelines for Community Groups & Special Events

  • Your event or activity must be approved by the Child Life Program.
  • Groups are limited to eight people.
  • All individuals or groups must be accompanied by a Maine Medical Center employee while in the hospital.
  • All those participating must be in high school or higher and be up to date on their immunizations.  Please do not visit the unit if you or anyone in your group has a cold or feels ill.
  • No religious oriented entertainment, activities, or gifts.
  • Performances are limited to 45 minutes and should not include emotionally related themes such as illness, death, separation, etc.
  • If costumes are worn, they must be child friendly in nature.
  • Activities must not include fire, candles, knives, glue guns, latex balloons, or other unsafe or potentially harmful materials.
  • HIPAA Regulations guarantees the rights of patients and families to Confidentiality and Privacy. This means that you cannot share any information about patients and families you come in contact with on the day of your visit. Absolutely no photographs or videotaping of patients are allowed without a signed photo release from a parent or guardian.
  • If you are notifying the media about your event, you must call the Child Life Program in advance at (207) 662-6267.
  • The Child Life Staff reserves the right to ask visitors to leave the premises if they do not comply with these guidelines.

Visiting Tips

  • Approach children slowly. Patients encounter numerous new faces in the hospital and are sometimes fearful of unfamiliar people. Take the child's cues as to whether or not to approach closer.

  • Hospitalized children are sick and under stress. They are genuinely excited to have visitors, but they may not show their emotions on the outside. Please do not be surprised if some of our patients appear withdrawn.

  • Avoid asking children questions related to the hospital such as "How long have you been here?" "Why did you have to come to the hospital?" "When are you going home?" These questions can be very upsetting to patients. If you want to make conversation with children, you might ask their name, age, and interests.

  • Many children have medical equipment such as IV's. Be careful where you walk and not to trip over any equipment.

The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital is a department of Maine Medical Center