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Simulation Lab

The Simulation Lab includes three fully-equipped, accurate representations of MMC clinical environments: an Operating Room, a Trauma Bay/Intensive Care Room, and a Medical/Surgical Patient Room. These rooms are equipped and furnished in much the same fashion as MMC’s actual clinical settings.

The Operating Room is an exact replica of an operating room in MMC’s recently- constructed Scarborough Surgery Center. The Trauma Bay, which will also support intensive care scenarios, resembles the trauma bays in MMC’s newly expanded Emergency Department. The Medical/Surgical Patient Room is comparable to recently refurbished and equipped patient care rooms.

These high-fidelity simulation rooms contain sophisticated mannequins, known as patient simulators. Patient simulators are designed to mimic human physiology, from blinking and breathing to accurately responding to medication. The simulators come in preemie, newborn, infant, pediatric, and adult models and can have either male or female anatomies.

Adjacent to each high-fidelity room is a dedicated Control Room. From here, the simulation specialists operate the patient simulator from several dedicated computers within the room. The Control Rooms also house the wireless microphone receivers and video recorders. The educator (instructor) works in concert with the staff to call up and modify simulation scenarios, watch the performance of the simulation participants (learners), direct the surgeon and clinicians (actors), and even provide the patient’s “voice” through a speaker in the mannequin’s head.