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Simulators & Task Trainers

The Hannaford Simulation Center uses commercially available simulators and state-of- the-art trainers for teaching and research.

In the Simulation Lab we use several mannequins to support high-fidelity scenarios: the Human Patient Simulator (METI), SimMan (Laerdal), and Noelle (Gaumard). These are life-size, computer-model-driven mannequins that mimic many elements of human physiology, such as a heartbeat, pulse, and breathing. They can also accurately respond to procedures such as ventilation, CPR, intravenous medication, and catheterization. The METI HPS model is equipped with the additional capability of being able to inhale oxygen and nitrogen, exhale carbon dioxide, and accurately respond to medication.

Our high-fidelity simulators include the following:

  • Adult patient simulators: Used in the Operating Room for high-fidelity training. These mannequins can “breathe,” meaning they take in oxygen/nitrogen and exhale carbon dioxide.
  • A pediatric patient simulator (representing a five-year-old child): Used for high- fidelity training
  • Wireless patient simulators
  • Birthing simulators: These mannequins can be programmed to represent a mother in varying stages of pregnancy and can simulate the delivery of a baby. They are wireless and have elaborate monitoring systems.
  • A 12 lead/lung compliance high-fidelity simulator with advanced cardiovascular capabilities
  • An infant patient simulator
  • A premature-infant patient simulator
  • A cardiopulmonary simulator: Used for training on cardiovascular diseases. It allows for very fine listening of 30 different heart sounds, ranging from common conditions to rare diseases.

The General Skills Lab currently features a wide variety of different trainers and equipment, including:

  • A 3-D TEE/TTE training simulator
  • Ultrasound-capable skills trainers for FAST training, central-line-access training, and nerve-block training
  • An extrication simulator
  • Adult difficult-airway trainers
  • Adult airway trainers
  • Pediatric airway trainers (representing a six-year-old child)
  • Infant airway trainers (representing newborn and premature babies)
  • Adult arterial access trainers: Used to practice IV insertions
  • A pediatric IV access arm
  • A venous IV trainer
  • A scrub sink, where students are evaluated on their pre-surgery preparations

The Surgical Skills Lab is focused on providing equipment to support our surgery training programs. Six laparoscopic surgery skills training machines. These allow students and surgeons to practice and refine their surgical skills using laparoscopic surgical tools. An upper GI/lower GI and bronchoscopy simulator