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Skills Lab

The Hannaford Simulation Center has two sections dedicated to hands-on skills: the General Skills Lab and the Surgical Skills Lab.

The General Skills Lab is designed to be a highly flexible and multi-functional space. The room can be set up for practicing on a variety of airway trainers, arterial access trainers, or IV trainers.

We can easily clear out the room and use it as a staging area for a trauma situation. The room is equipped with an integrated audio-video system so that it can be used as a classroom.

As with all the rooms at the Simulation Center, there is the capability in the General Skills Lab to view and record a situation occurring in any other room in the Center. A scenario might begin in General Skills and migrate to the OR, Trauma/ICU, or even the Standardized Patient Lab and be seamlessly recorded as one hybrid event.

The Surgical Skills Lab focuses on providing the training aids necessary to support MMC’s Surgery Programs. The room currently contains six laparoscopic trainers, and we have plans to expand and acquire additional interventional equipment. As with all the other training rooms in the Center, the video feeds from this room can be viewed from any other computer in the facility.