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Scarborough Surgery Center   
Children's Checklist 

We appreciate the special needs and concerns of children and their families who need surgery.
Here are some tips to make the day less stressful:

  • Bring a favorite bottle or sippy cup for your child.

  • Bring your child's favorite blanket, stuffed animal, hand-held game, or toy.

  • One parent or a legal guardian must remain on the premises.

  • Parents: eat breakfast or pack some snacks for yourself so you are not hungry. You can better care for your child after surgery if you don't feel hungry.

  • You will want and need to give your full attention to your child who is having surgery on that day. Please leave siblings at home with a sitter or family member.

  • We encourage you to schedule your toddler and yourself to attend Buddy Bear class before your surgery. This class includes a tour of the surgery area; you'll get to meet the staff, feel and touch the equipment, and ask questions. To register for this one-hour class, please call 396-7222.

Diet instructions for patients under age 16:
(unless your surgeon gives different instructions)

1.  No food is allowed after midnight.

2.  Encourage your child to have apple juice, water, white grape juice, or Pedialyte up to 2 hours before surgery.

3.  Breast milk is allowed until 4 hours before surgery.

4.  Formula or non-human milk is allowed until 6 hours before surgery.

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